School is the absolute worst

Im a new student this year i moved from cali to the east coast this summer and i dont have any friends. No one talks to me except for in the last class of the day (i take welding) Ive tried to start conversations with people but no one seems to want to talk to me. I feel lonely. I met a guy a few weeks ago but we only talk on the bus and he seems to only want to have a sexual relationship, he is one of the only people i talk to during the day and i feel that if i broke whatever we have off i would loose one of the only people i talk to. Im stuck, lonely, and dont know what to do. The only escape i have during the day is drowning out the world with my music. I really dont want to deal with two years of school like this.


Hey @Abi - Moving to a near school can definitely be rough at first, but things can quickly change for the better! Do you live on or off campus? Have you considered getting involved in extracurricular activities at school (i.e. events, activities, clubs, etc)? If you’re religious, try checking out a local church too! I hope some of this helps!

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Beng the new person in school is always so tough. And then add being new to the state adds even more stress. I know right now it doesn’t feel that way, but one day you will find your place.

Are you a part of a club or sports team? When you are a part of a group or team that meets often you become close with those people and you get to learn more about them and they get to learn more about you. If you love to draw or write check to see if there are any art clubs. Love to sing? Is there a choir? You don’t have to be good at the club or sport either. For myself when I went to a new school I joined the swim team. Had I ever swam competitevly? Nope. I was horrible at first. But I made amazing friends and by my senior year I was one of the best swimmers on the team and I’m still friends with my old teammates.

Be patient and kind to yourself. It might take some time before you find your people and that is okay. And until you find your people we will be here to help you through all those lonely days. We are here for you, friend, hold fast.

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I agree with @IAmCassie @Eric. Find people you have in common. It takes time. You’ll be surprise. HeartSupport is here for you.

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