Screw everything

fuck this fuck everything fuck my life fuck these memories fuck my face fuck my country fuck this sutpid ass motherfucker nation full of dump idiots fuck these jobs that I had to take not to get fucking homeless fuck this galaxy and this planet fuck this sun and the mooon and fuck the evolution and everything that made it possible for this disgusting human species humanity is disgusting. all we know is how to make this beautiful world fucking disgusting and how to make each other suffer to death and kill ourself what the fuck my fault was for being in this misery fuck the lucky people fuck everything I should’ve killed myself millions of times already why the fuck do I still let myself live with these memories


Hi Yerdeniz,
i think that we all can probably rely to that post of yours. and you speak the mind from a lot of people out there.
mine too. is the world disgusting to see and live in ? yes absolutely. full of dump idiots ? sure, i am also. the sun
and the moon, i think we can cut off from that, they were there before and after us i would say. yes, there are people
out there having more luck then ours. also some people are living a much worst life then we are having.
we are all far away from a safe place, far away from a world in peace. everyday we see so much disgust, bad things
that are happening out there.
are we starving or beg for water ? some people will never see the beauty of the sky, some people never hear the
sound of music, some can never speak words to their loved ones. there are people out there that will never walk
without help. people are suffering every day, people are living like in hell everyday. there are people out there that
will never have access to the internet, or they will know what internet is.
people are caged everyday, just want to have freedom. people who are blind, just want to see.
all of us, who are burdened with something, just want to have a moment of relief. me too. we are all worn out,
drained and exhausted from life. we all have a package to carry. too much weight to carry. all fucking day long.
we could talk all day about life, being unfair to us. yes, life is unfair. yes, life is fuck this fuck everything.
instead of seeing this all, all the fuck this fucking shit stuff out there, all of this what happens all day, we should
look at ourselves, focus on ourselves and doing one step a time. with all this darkness around ourselves, all you
have to see, is your next step. there you will not loss focus. there is no distraction. and there is nothing wrong
with that. one step at a time is all that matters. one step in the right direction, can make a whole life change.
you need to want that change. i started mine last year. i also don’t see much around myself, tend to see only
the bad things that are happening. tend to loss my sight of my way, or asking myself all day if i am on the right way.
we are trapped, but we are not alone.
you are to be held, not to be missed.
life is more then that. life is worth living for. life is loving, caring and understanding. kindness and beauty. full of
people who are worth it. open your eyes for this, and shut down toxic stuff.
you matter. you are loved.


I hope you’re hanging in there today, @Yerdeniz. This life can feel like a real burden, a poisoned gift, when we’re hitting rock bottom and don’t see any way to climb back up. It becomes tempting to regain a sense of control by hurting ourselves, but I hope you keep prioritizing your safety when your mind is being unkind to you. Pain can become overshadowed by moments of grace and joy in our life. Keep giving yourself a chance to create your own way, despite a world that is messy, hurtful and unfair in many ways. You deserve to regain control over the pain, step by step. :hrtlegolove:

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