Screw the music in Boston / bandmates

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My band are trying to replace me with other guitar player, it like no matter what I do it never good for these fucking pricks. I give these assholes rides, I pay for the rent and i practice my guitar, it still it not good these fucking assholes.

I’m always being use by these fucking bands, they never gave a flying fuck about me. Guys are just bad as women for fuck shake. Everyone just uses everyone. It all about money not about the art. All musicians think they are fucking Beatles when it come to everything.

I get so fucking tired trying my fucking best and it never fucking good enough.

Honestly, I’m not a cocky asshole, but as humble as zen master, but my songs and music are not bad. It may not be dream theater, but sorry if you think my music suck. Your an asshole don’t know shit about music.

All these musicians think they are greatest think since slice bread, they even think they better than the fucking bread.

I’m glad that Rock music is dying, all these bands are bunch of sellout. They lucky they got a chance. Fucking spoiled assholes.


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