Self harm struggles

Hey I need some love and support right now- so i just relapsed and cut more… i desperately tried to disassemble a razor and it worked. Ive barely been able to even stay a day clean this week its been really hard and i feel like i need someone to talk to. Im so alone.



I’m glad that you’re posting here.
Sharing about your struggles.

Did something bad happened recently?

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Ive just been on bad terms with my parents lately i had a breakdown on sunday and cried a lot they got super mad at me and they have been really hard on me today too and i kinda just snapped idk i have a lot going wrong right now and im always feeling bad and down😕

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Your parents must love you no matter what.

And they are also humans.
Maybe you and your parents misinterpreted something, or they also don’t know how to deal with what happened between.

Keep breathing.

Do you have any routine to avoid you to self-harm?
Any kind of exercise?

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oh wait this isn’t twitch

Hello fren. I’m sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. I self harmed (of sorts?) by overeating junk food for 9 years until I started biweekly DBT talk therapy and started to deal with my issues.

Enough about me, I’m trying to help you. Heartsupport has a book called Rewrite, now I haven’t tried it myself, but it’s a workbook with tips how to keep from self harming. Without naming names or @ing people directly, I can tell you that MANY people in this community also deal with this issue, so please stick around on the forums, Twitch streams and discord and get to know them! One last thing, have you searched online for a local self-harm prevention support group? I love support groups, they’ve helped me out greatly in the past because they let me hear other people’s perspectives and gave me a place where I felt comfortable opening up to people (I felt like I was a burden to my friends back in 2011-2012. That changed right after.)


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Thank you. Ive heard about the book I should get it, sounds great. And I should get on the twitch stream more thats a great idea. Honestly also im not sure if there is any good support groups around? But i really couldnt be a part of one because my parents probably wouldnt let me. They dont really believe in mental health stuff so im kinda on my own there meh

I dont know… they are a mess to deal with sometimes they can be pretty harsh and mean sometimes it upsets me a lot. And eh I mean i kinda listen to music and try to lay down and breathe to calm down but i really dont have time to take care of myself because im trying to get work done n study for an algebra test tomorrow… im already failing the class…

There’s the link to order a copy of rewrite. Hold fast you’re worth it.

Loneliness is an issue I have. As you get older it pans out sometimes and others it is worse.

Hope you get what you need.