Self worth and how to turn mistakes into blessings

I have surrounded myself with people for a long time that constantly make me feel like I’m unworthy. Part of this feeling is due to the choices I make but part of it is also due to the fact that I don’t think I can ever make my life better. God has helped me a lot through this but I feel like it’s about time I try to get my act together


Hello mate, thanks for reaching out.

Let me get this straight: surrounding yourself with people (good or bad doesn’t matter) won’t necessarily make your life better. What I learned is that the only one who can make your life better is yourself. I also learned that we have the strength and energy needed to make it, and I believe you can definitely do that!
First of all, don’t lose time over people who just make you feel unworthy. You are worth a lot, and you deserve to be better. Start by doing the things you love doing, and you’ll soon realise how much easy it is to love yourself first. Every other thing will come your way.

I’m sure you’ll soon find better friends. May God send you his greatest blessing

pioggia :sunflower:

Thank you. I appreciate that. It’s definitely important to surround yourself with people who care about you. And yes believing in yourself is important too I have often struggled with the concept of self worth. I also have s very hard time talking about myself for fear of being judged. But I think the most important point you mentioned is that it’s good to love yourself.

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Absolutely. Also remember that loving oneself is not something you do instantly, it’s someth you have to build up on. Keep us updated!

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