Selfless and Selfishness

Hello once again. So, this has been on my mind for awhile. I love people. I care about them. However, the more I do, it screws me over. I have told my friends if they need anything, they can contact me. I am here with them and for them. They haven’t done it. I know people are busy, they have things to do, but damn! Why do I have to be the one to do that?! I share personal things, but they don’t do the same thing. Where is the exchange? I am grateful that they helped me, and I want to help them too. I don’t want to be selfish. There are times, I do want to be selfish. It’s a terrible thing to say, but I am telling the truth. I do question myself such as what is a “real” friendship? Will my friends reach out to me when I am going through difficult times? Are they going to continue talking to me? Am I lying to myself about this? Am I over analyzing it? Sometimes, I want attention. Like how I am doing right now. Share me your thoughts. Thank you for reading my post.

Break Your Halo by Andy Black comes to mind

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Thank you for replying. I listened to the song, and I like it. I saw Black Veil Brides this past Summer at Warped Tour, and they done an incredible performance. There are lies I am believing in, and I must reject them. God will help me to renew my mind.

I dont know if its the case but maybe they arent open about how they feel. Each person deals with it differently. maybe it takes time . just know you are loved no matter what.

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I have been in nearly the exact same position before AVJR - i think we all struggle with what it means to be a friend. Shouldnt we get what we give?

Here is what we thought:



You’re right. Thank you.


Wow! I didn’t expect you to do this! Hehe. Thank you. What you and your group said are true. I do relate. I should just take it easy. You are a great man.