Sharing my story

im spending most of my time writing on hs wall, i didnt think it would become this important to me :slight_smile:

so now, today, here imma talk about my past, might get boring (grab some tea/coffee)

so i was born on january 14th 2007 (im still a baby :slightly_frowning_face: ) i’ve spent most of my childhood years with my grandma because my parents used to go on holidays pretty often. Then my brother was born in 2010 i think im not sure :slight_smile: and we are pretty close now, we used to hate eachother hahah
When i was 10 i had my first psychological counseling because i had a hard time moving houses and schools at the same time.(we moved in a safer place, which i love :blush:) The counseler told my mom that im ok and we can stop our sessions.
Then when i was 12 my best friend commited suicide (he was 13, turning 14 in a week) i’ve become suicidal and started harming myself without telling anyone what i feel. After a couple of months i got diagnosed with epilepsy which is really annoying for a kid, i started getting pills that got me into pills addiction which i am trying to avoid now…
After my 13 th birthday my doctor recommended to go to a phychologist again to redo my brain tests, i got diagnosed with depression, PTSD and anxiety which made other people think that im different. Started to avoid me. Started to hate and bully me which made me weak but at the same time STRONGER. Right now i have only a couple of REAL FRIENDS which i would like to mention (Emma,Miruna,Ioana,Jasmijn) they really care about me and ask me how i feel and how’s life! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
And now, being 14, having a really hart time with school and exams which freak me out but im trying my best. I wish i discovered you guys, HEART SUPPORT way more time ago. You guys are amazing!
Thank you for helping us, me , others! You are just WOW!

Ty for reading this…
with a lot of love,
bianka :heart:


Sending much love your way :heart: I was about your age when I started having mental health issues as well. Mine stemmed from being bullied since grade 6, and I am 23 now so I know how to deal with certain things, haha. If you ever need a friend to reach out to, you got us here at HeartSupport, but know that you are loved, cared for, and cherished here, friend. Hold fast. :heart:


It means a lot to see that people actually care about mental health on here! <3


For sure, that is why we are here. :heart:


Thank you for sharing your story here with us! Much, much love for you <3 I’m pretty much around your age (15, turning 16 this year), so if you ever want to talk, you can always reach out to me! I’ve had my fair share with stuff too and know one or two things and how to cope <33


hey @HeresA.Gun.KillMePlease ! i forgot to reply back! (i am so so sorry :frowning: )
For sure, im looking for people who are going through stuff that i am dealing with, so i can share my story and talk.
I hope ur good!

sending love,
bianka <3

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