She has to put on her mask to deal with the world

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She has to put on her mask to deal with the world… I can relate, being ADHD and on the spectrum


Hi Friend, Thank you for your comment. I do not know what having ADHD is like but with many mental/behavioural health problems I guess so many feel they have to put a mask on in order to either feel “normal” or indeed try to convince others that they are. The strange thing is, I think people are unique and wonderful as they are, a quirk in a person makes them special and interesting to know. Do you also use the mask to manage others behaviour towards you or to shut yourself off from other people? I find it sad that we cannot just be ourselves and be loved for that. That is something we do here at Heartsupport, there is no judgement, it doesnt matter who you are or anything about you, you will be accepted and treated just as anyone else, with love and respect. I hope you feel you can remove that mask here and find comfort. Lisa

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Yes, this is highly relatable, in so many different ways. I can imagine how this resonates especially for you in light of your ADHD and being on the spectrum. There is so much stigma around both and a high need for people in general to understand more how it feels like. When it feels that you see the world a certain way but the world doesn’t see you as you are, it becomes hard to let go of the expectations that exist regarding who you are supposed to be. Hard to feel like somehow you may not “fit in”, that the way you are would make you less than others somehow, or too different to feel included at all times.

I’ve myself experience this need to put a mask on throughout my life - mostly because of depression and anxiety. I can’t count anymore the amount of situations I had to perform in some way and present as someone I’m not, just to do something that seems to be easy for others. The cost of wearing social masks like this is exhausting, and it’s hard to not see in this pressure a message that would say “you are not good enough”. On top of it it creates this distance all the time and alter the connections you have with others. It feels like being incomplete and no one gets to really meet YOU, the real you, which feels even more lonely in the long run… It’s such a vicious cycle.

I’m really thankful for you today and that you decided to share about how this song and clip resonate with you personally. Because you’re putting words on your experiences and you’re leaving the mask off. If anything, rest assured that these masks are not necessary here. Truth be told, there is nothing more beautiful that meeting one another at such a level of authenticity. Without the pressure of social expectations, without this urge of being someone we’re not. You being you, in your complexity, in your uniqueness, is what makes you wonderful.

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I can relate to some point to be masking, as I also have ADHD. I used to mask a lot to try to be ‘normal’ enough to fit in and be accepted. I have noticed that it takes a LOT of energy to constantly have to mask who you really are. Since my depression I just cannot put on the mask anymore as I am way too exhausted. Weirdly enough since I am my ‘true self’ people actually accept me a lot better. I would wish for you to have the same experience. In the beginning it will be very scary and uncomfortable. But once you allow yourself to be really you you will notice how people will respond and appreciate your openness and vulnerability. And it will help you get more energy so you can enjoy your life a bit more.
Please don’t forget that you are valuable and you matter :heart:

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