She is the reason I need more therapy

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Dear friend

I wish I had never met you, I would have been better off without you. You reason why I want to commit suicide. You nothing but an evil cold heart woman, that just no soul or capable for compassion. I remember when I met you at skate hags, I should have never gotten near you. Your not a lady, your fucking desease.

I foolishly want to believe your lie, saying I was good skateboarder, that was not a creep, liking my Instagram videos and saying I was not a loser.

But all I was a taxi that never got for my service, so you hang out with other skaters. I would drive to Rhode Island spending gas, taking you to different skate parks, when you got. Injury I was there for you, but you give no credit on instgram, you make me to those stupid clothing store to try on outfits. You never gave me gave money, you don’t care about my bills or my hard earn money. You god digger that use me like a slave .

I told I had feelings for you, and I understand you had a boyfriend. ( even you said wanna open relationship) I would never force to make you my girlfriend. But that gave you no right to use me. I’m sorry that you boyfriend suck, you whine saying “ oh he does not care for me, cry cry cry and violent. You fly to Boston to meet up with guy that gave no shit for you.

However, when my aunt die, you never message me back. That most hurtful thing that anyone has die to me. You are fucking evil bitch,you fucking poser that can’t Ollie. But you too cool to be my friend,cause you hate me cause I’m austic.

I can’t thinking about you, you nothing but a toxic virus that never gotten close. You kinda deserve all bad things that happen to you to be honest. I hope you life fall apart, if you crawling back to me, I would laugh in you worthless pretty face.

That day when my aunt die, you lost a true friend
Good riddance, fuck you……

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