She's no longer wearing our wedding ring

It has been weeks since I noticed that my wife is no longer wearing our wedding ring. I realized that when we dined one night and my eyes suddenly landed on her hands. It was not just one time. Since that night, I always check her ring finger to see it and I never saw her wearing that ring again. I ignored it at first, thinking she had only forgotten. However, when I saw my five-year old son, Tom, was playing with her ring, I felt bad. She was on a foreign country for a business trip and I was just home from work when that happened. Did she really have the intention of not wearing it for a cause or she had just forgotten again? What does it mean?

I can see where you’re lost or confused on this one brother as it seems it can leave so many thoughts or question in your mind. Honestly would be better to ask her about it because it concerns you and should bring it to her attention that you’ve noticed

There could be so many reasons for why she isn’t wearing it, some little, some normal and some extremely concerning. I wish I had more of an answer for you, but unfortunately, I’m not going to list all the things it could potentially be, because it’s not my place to make you think something and then have it not be true.

What i will say, is that you need to sit down and have an honest discussion with your wife. That is something between you and her, and it should be addressed as such. Ask her what is truly going on and tell her how it makes you feel.

I hope it all works out positively for you, good luck!

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As scary as it is, you need to ask her. She may lie, but if you love her and she loves you then the truth will come. No one else can tell you why she wasn’t wearing it when you noticed or why your son was playing with that ring. We are all here for you no matter what, remember that. Sometimes in life we need to take the stand and not be afraid to ask questions to those who deserve the question. We can all sit here and tell you or say or type what we think. Your true answer will come from her, your wife. As I said it may scare you but in the long run it will help. Holdfast. Xo

Hey @hopkinsfamily,

That’s a tough one, friend. There could be a multitude of reasons for her not wearing it, which could be nothing or could be something. Only she can answer that for you. I really encourage you to take the time to sit down and discuss it with her. Communication is the only way to clear this up.

I’m hoping that it is just a misunderstanding. Sending strength and love, friend.

<3 AnitaBandaid

Mum doesn’t wear hers anymore simply because it doesn’t fit. I suggest asking her before assuming the worst. Jake luhrs wrote a book there is an extert on his divorce in here. Read that too.

Hey @hopkinsfamily,

I would gently bring it up with her. Don’t sound angry or condemning, but instead, give of a vibe of confusion or interest. It could mean something deeper, or it could simply be because she doesn’t like wearing rings all the time. I’m personally not looking forward to wearing a wedding ring 24/7 someday, so I might just get my wife’s initials tattooed on my ring finger. :smiley:


I just got married on April 6th 2019. Both of us weren’t and aren’t use to wearing a ring… At all. I’ve lost my engagement and now wedding ring more than I can count. It’s not on purpose.

It’s like the others said. There could be numerous reasons that aren’t bad. However… I agree that you need to ask her yourself. It’s terrifying… Yes… But it will help you with some form of closure.

Hi, friend

I can see why that would be hurtful and cause sadness and hurt. Maybe you should pull your wife aside and talk to her and ask her about it. There are a lot of reasons she could be not wearing it. So I’d check in and see how she’s feeling and hopefully you guys can talk about it.

I hope you find the answers you are looking for my friend. And that she is willing to share her feelings with you.