Sincere apologies for the disappearance (vent)

The pass few months I’ve been working overtime and I’ve been dealing with a lot of existential crisis… I know I shouldn’t say sorry that I feel guilty for not being on here that often to help out others in need… I only have less than 3 hours to myself a day due to work. There’s been frustrations going on due to family issues and financial issues. But I want everyone that’s going through a rough patch as well to know that we’re all in this together no matter how insanely dark things seem to be getting. The last time I had a day off was 2 years ago and I haven’t been paid in 8 months. But then again I thought to myself, i’m choosing to do this to help my dad out with his business and it’s okay if things will be rough for a while and I can’t be paid properly temporarily. The fact that I feel like I’ve helped him lessen his burdens in a few ways is more than enough to keep me going. I love my dad and I love and take care of myself too :slight_smile: I can handle this and you can too, just gotta take it one step at a time okay?

Sending gentle reminders with lots of love:

  • You are enough. No one can take that away from you because you are enough no matter what the outside voices try to attack your precious soul. Do not let the criticism in because critical people have the most criticism reserved for themselves.

  • You have amazing coping skills. Think about it, you’ve come this far, makes you a cool badass to me :wink:

  • You are never a burden. NEVER. No matter how much your mind spirals you down into that thought, You. Are. Not. A. Burden. You know what you are? As beautiful and as strong as nature <3

  • You are never truly alone. There are people here who you can reach out to and talk to, any form of relationship needs patience to build <3 So spend a little more effort in communication and reach out until you find someone who clicks with you. I’ve been in solitude in my own country for years because I have a lot of trouble socializing with locals due to different mentality so I met most of my friends online and they’re all in Europe :slight_smile: The key is effort in communication to keep things going :smiley:

  • Change your emotional language. “I suck” > “I got this because I have amazing coping skills”. “I’m isolated” > “I’m enjoying and learning from solitude and being my own best friend.”

You are loved because you are Lovable. Things may seem hard Now, but as things are always constantly changing, this horrible situation will pass as well :slight_smile:


No need to apologize; you are loved and accepted with open arms- always.

Thank you for these reminders.


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Let everyone here this. Thanks @KTthecatlady

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