Single...still....and forever

I’m 21, young I know, but just please keep reading. I’ve been single for 6 years and I have been feeling unliveable and unwanted lately. I’ve been cheated on and my heart broken and I really want to replace those terrible feelings with a real, good, and healthy relationship. I want to commit to something but I just can’t seem to find a good girl to be with who actually likes me. Every girl who likes me seems to have a drug addict ion, doesn’t have the same beliefs, or is just not a good person. Any advice would be helpful, please and thank you :blue_heart::heart:

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Hey friend,
I know how you feel, it is super hard feeling like you’ll be single forever. I’ve been in that boat for years, too. It can be really hard and feel like you’re the only one. One encouragement/story I’d like to share is a friend of mine. He had been single for over a decade before meeting a nice girl he legitimately thought he would spend his life with. They were together for a while before going their separate ways. Ultimately, through his years of waiting before that relationship and a long while after, he eventually found his perfect match who he married and now has a beautiful family with. Sometimes it takes time. One thing he told me over the years was that he spent a lot of time working on himself and being the best friend possible to anyone in his life. Eventually, through those efforts, he met someone on that same path. It can take a long time sometimes and for others it seems instant. I don’t know what your future holds, but I do know that as long as you value yourself and heal from past hurts, there is hope to meet someone like minded who will love you wholeheartedly as you will them. Hope this helps. Know that you are love-able because we love you as you are, right now. Hang in there.

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From: all_around_ashley

hey you are not alone . I recently (November 1st) got out of a relationship with a guy who cheated on me with a girl he know she liked . I tried making new friends but I almost put my life in a sticky situation . Since this breakup I felt so alone that I had no one . But the truth is for the both us is we are not alone we have people that care about us . We will fight together. Hold fast friend , we love you !


Hey @Livingyetdoubting, thank you so much for opening up and sharing such a vulnerable topic. I am sorry that you haven’t found the right partner yet. I say yet because I believe that you will find that someone who is meant for you someday, whether it be soon or later down the road. I know it probably gets old that people tell you that you are young, but you ARE young. You have your whole life ahead of you. I personally didn’t have anything figured out when I was 21 and I still don’t! I am turning 26 this year :rofl: I’ve had friends in a similar positions as you come to me looking for advice and I have always said the same thing, it will happen when it happens. Don’t force it, don’t make your life goal to look for a partner and not being single anymore. Focus on you, your goals and what makes you happy in life. Live your life, be the best you and everything else will fall in place. I believe love finds us when we are least expecting it, so take time for yourself to heal from these past relationships that haven’t gone over well for you in the past before you try and jump into a new relationship. You need to be the best you before you can commit to someone else. Relationships are about both people laying down a good foundation before they can build a house together. I hope this helps, stay strong friend! Better days are on the horizons. :hearts:



Hello, I’m turning 36 at the beginning of December. I haven’t had really healthy relationships till my current one. There is hope! It is hard.

The future may unobtainable but it is. It just take time. I hope you don’t have to weed through so many to find your better half like I did :slight_smile:

But when it comes I promise you its scary exhilerating intoxicating and is the grandest adventure ever. Is it always sunshine and rainbows? No. But is it back g each others back and being supportive and helping each other obtain goals? Yes its. Compromises. Listening boundaries acceptances and coffee and going to the gas station for snack :wink: that’s what it is about.

I hope you find yours soon and I hope its blissfully everyday.

Thank you for sharing.


Hey @Livingyetdoubting we covered your topic on HeartSupports Twitch stream! Here’s the live video response :slight_smile:

Hold Fast!


Hey friend
I feel the same way and I don’t know what your religion is but I feel the say way because I don’t know if anyone would walk in faith with me with god. And I want the same thing but I know nobody would like me because im Christian. But I feel you and im here for you.

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21? That’s YOUNG! Still early days! I am a whopping 53!!!

Hey I’m still in your shoes at 48 … I’m not going to sugar coat it . Look you can’t control anything except you dicisions . I was raised isolated by an extreme Christian family that has double standards when it came to beating thier children for having contact with the outsidrs . I have totally lost track of many wemon iv asked out ,changed jobs for ,and how many friends iv made and lost over the years . The only thing that has kept me around is rock climbing . But I climb alone alot now days even though the community is bigger . You could be single due to the demographics of the area you are in seriously do some research on your region and compare it to others !! Also read some pick up artist books !!! Disregard the whole pick up artist thing and the standing out from a crowd stuff . It’s based on people respond to each other — then once you have a better idea of to meet people& make as many ( friends as possible ) other things will start to improve .also pay attention to your income and your living situation . Girls pay total attention to how much a guy makes dispite thier denial . Also does your pad look attractive inside ? Al these things help . But as for myself I learned them extremely late . Don’t cross your fingers and hope for the best !!! Don’t wait !! Start doing your reasaerch and commit your self to learning - it won’t hurt to throw a little yoga in & workout occasionally . But definatly you nay need to relocate as well as change your career . Best of luck .

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Oh ,I am talking to 3 girls right now . My carrreer is so so but about to improve …

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