Sister made fun of me

Yesterday I went over to my mom’s for Easter. My boyfriend and I were waiting for dinner to be finished and my younger sister kept making fun of me for not having money or a job… It’s not a good thing to make fun of me for because I’m really trying to find something. And now my boyfriend and I might be getting kicked out of our house so now we have to find something… but I don’t even have a job to start that process :pensive: I’m not feeling mentally well from all of this. I feel like I’m having no luck with jobs because no one has gotten back to me even though I’ve followed up… I don’t like the way I’m feeling

Hi friend,
I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’m sorry your sister is treating you this way. My sister isn’t the nicest person to me either, and I understand how frustrating it is to be trying your best and be met with nothing but negativity and hurtful words. Thanks for trusting us enough to open up about this. You’re not alone.
I promise you that everything is going to work out. You’re trying your best and that’s all you can do. I wanna encourage you and your boyfriend to try to keep finding jobs and a place to stay. It’s a hard and frustrating time for you guys, but this will pass.
Stay strong

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Hey there,

I’m sorry that happened. I’m sure that is so frustrating especially since you are trying to find a job plus dealing with the stress of possibly getting kicked out of your house. I know looking for a job is such a frustrating process, but I can tell you are doing your best and all that you can and that isn’t all for nothing! Keep fighting and know that we believe in you!

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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