Skill I have been working on and favorite music like to listen when im down

So I figure give ideas that had help me not to self harm

  1. holding ice cubes
  2. tempature ( wash my face with cold water.)
  3. sqeezing hands and feets

Ablums or songs that help for rough times

  1. killswith enage -Atonment
  2. Amy Affication- Chasing Ghost
  3. As I lay dying -shape by fire
  4. Have Heart- Song to scream the sun
  5. Times Of graces - Hymm of a broken man
  6. YOB - Clearing the path to Ascend

Hi there. That’s a good list of albums! I really like Killswitch Engage’s new album. As I Lay Dying is good too. Another album that you can give a listen to that helps me when I am stuck in a rut is Wage War - Deadweight. We Came As Romans’ latest single, Carry the Weight, is also good. Thank you for sharing!