Slowly getting better

i’d say i’m doing better nowadays. i’ve started working out consistently and have noticed some more definition in my calves which i’m happy about. i haven’t really lost much weight from it but i guess any fat kind of gets converted into muscle so it’s alright. i’ve met some new people on games i’ve been playing and it’s been extremely fun. :slight_smile: i still can’t make any irl friends but i’m happy with the ones i’m meeting online. they’re very interesting and fun people. i’ve never had so many people actually enjoy talking to me and wanting to be around me. it feels nice. my father and i finally decided on a house we both like and he put in an offer today so i’m hoping we get it. i’ve been trying to work on my mental health and i’ve lost motivation a lot and felt like giving up on things but i’ve been forcing myself to continue, even if i don’t want to. overall, i’m just not as sad as i used to be. loneliness was a major factor in me being sad and now that i’m able to surround myself with more people, i don’t feel it as much. i just felt like updating here, even if it was small things like this. i’m still so extremely grateful for everyone in this site and wish all of you the best. it’s been a long couple of years and i’m happy there were people here to encourage me to be a better version of myself. thank you.


Thank you for the update. You’ve made a lot of progress, which no doubt took a lot of effort. It sounds like you’ll continue to get better.


X: Hey! We’re so glad things are looking up for you :3 good on you for working on your mental health and not giving up, we are all proud of you ^~^

Navio: Your work towards less lonlieness is a huge improvement! None of these accomplishments are small, you are doing as much as you can to get better even when it’s difficult. That’s a very strong accomplishment and you should be proud of yourself ^~^

We’re glad you’ve made some good online friends, I hope you now see that you’re never alone.

Niko: I’m glad you feel better, you’ve been through alot and it’s great that you’re getting out of the old place, and congrats on the muscle! Hehe! XD You guys should get some good food to celebrate!!!

Kio: It’s nice to see you post here to update on how you are, we are very glad things are getting better for you and it’s awesome that you get to update something wonderful.

Take care, we hope things continue to get better for you and you keep with this place as you grow ^~^

We are grateful for you.

-System Irigiad


absolutely wonderful news here, thank you for sharing with us!

Hope things keep improving steadily for you, and that you enjoy these moments of happiness and growth!



Hi echo, it’s nice to hear from you. I’m so happy that you’ve made some good friends online. Most of my social life is online too. I’m glad you’ve found working out makes you happy, plus you get the added health part of it. So, that’s awesome! ~Mystrose


From: Lisalovesfeathers

Hey Echo, This is an awesome post, I am so happy for you. Its wonderful to read how fabulously you are doing, how many new friends you have, how well you are doing with your working out and the possible new home you have with your Dad. Its all great and im actually excited to hear the next segment from you. lol You deserve this my friend, you truly do, I wish you health wealth and happiness for the foreseeable. you are loved echo. xx


Hi echo
I am glad you are getting better. Its nice to see you again and under a good circumstance :hugs:. You are being very strong for pushing through even though the motivation is lacking. I am proud of you for doing that :slightly_smiling_face:. I hope you will be getting better and better but if there are any setbacks we are here for you ok. Wishing you all the best :slightly_smiling_face:

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