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Smirky Fan #2

My older brother passed away back in March 2018 from an illness. I can’t stop thinking about him and sometimes have trouble sleeping thinking about him. I miss him very much.

i’m so sorry to hear that! losing a loved one is always hard, i can’t imagine losing someone from your immediate family. stay strong and keep your chin up. it’s okay to have these feelings. it’s totally normal to grieve like that <3

I am so glad you reached out but so sad to hear about your brother. I know he must have been a very special person. I don’t know on this side of life why we have to lose the ones we love so much. I do believe we will one day see them again. I wish I could take that pain away for you. I understand it very well. My brother passed away suddenly last January and I am not sure I will ever be the same, but I hold on knowing one day I will see him again and he will be restored…a healthier, happier version of himself. And that makes me smile. I pray that same reassurrance and comfort for you my friend!