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Lately, I’ve been feeling so stressed with everything that’s been happening and has happened; so I just feel like I’m not needed in most peoples lives or I’m not doing good enough like “they could do it better, or some one could have done my job better than me.” Type that. I’m afraid of ruining my current relationship too, I really want this one to work out, it’s only been almost 2 months? But he has given me some more confidence and helped me, I just get the feeling that he could still do way better than me.

You’re no less than anyone else. You’re a unique human being who can do a lot and whose presence deserves to be enjoyed, but sometimes it’s hard to see what’s special about yourself. The person you’re in a relationship with chose to be with you and wouldn’t have done it if they felt someone else would be better.

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Hi friend! It sounds to me like your brain is planting some serious seeds of doubt in your mind, and I want you to know that your brain is lying. You are worthy, you are needed, you are good enough. Even if it feels like someone could do it better, I want you to ask yourself if you’re doing your best, whatever your best means right now. That is more important! It’s so easy to compare ourselves, but comparison is the thief of joy. Your best, whatever it is, is important, and it is good enough. And your partner obviously sees good things in you, please remember that. Next time he tells you what he likes about you, I want you to really listen. You don’t have to believe it just yet, but please try to remember them. If nothing else, it’s helped me a lot to give my intrusive thoughts a nickname - when my brain tells me I’m not enough, I think to myself, “be quiet Jeremy, I am enough.” I hope things allow you to take a breather soon, and I hope you can remember your worth and all the enrichment you bring to the lives around you. :two_hearts:

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