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So far so green

It’s been 3 days of no fapping and i feel different… like I have a new source of energy. I know it hasn’t been that long and its probably all just in my head, but I couldn’t help thinking what if i could just last 10 more days… hack 20 days, I might be a changed man. I’m more productive furthermore I’ve managed to study 2 subjects today… 2 subjects… I really hate studying, but I managed to study 2 freaking subjects. I don’t wanna jinx it but I think I can last 20 days… Imagine I haven’t even reached the 10 day mark and I already feel like this. Gosh I’ve been missing out.


Hey friend.

This is a huge progress. I really commend you for your 3 days off. Sounds like these days have been really long for you, which is totally understandable. If you cut off the instant gratification, anything can become even more boring, useless, uninteresting and long. But you’re persevering, and that’s admirable.

It’s awesome that you’ve managed to be more productive for your studies too. Make sure though to plan ahead some rewards for your efforts. Things you enjoy, that are healthy to you, just to celebrate each accomplishment. Doing this also contributes to re-creating a different rewarding cycle that your mind would get used to, over time. Also just a way to acknowledge and embrace each day as a victory. Each day matters during your journey. :hrtlegolove:

You got this!