So long story here but lets do it when i was 15 my

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so, long story here, but let’s do it. When I was 15, my dad’s doctor had discovered a cancerous growth in his abdomen, which ultimately spread and took his liver. He passed away later that year. He was my best friend, he introduced me to metal and always was open to talk to me no matter what it was about. My mother started dating immediately following his funeral (I have since learned that in her generation that widows redating/marrying is a common thing.), this shook me to my core, especially after I turned 16 and learned that both her and me would be moving in with him out of state. I left behind all of my friends, lost some of my belongings to make the move cheaper and easier to help my mom. It didn’t take long for this new man to begin to treat me badly, at first we had a quiet and awkward relationship, then it turned into an almost hatred towards me from him because of how I was raised by my father and did not know how to do “manly” things. 1 verbal turned physical fight left me with a broken nose and a new thing to be insecure about…my first suicide attempt. After the fight, I moved in with my grandmother and this is when I discovered bands like BMTH, Linkin Park, Motionless in White and Black Veil Brides. Their music changed me and for the first time ever in my life, I was told “you are not alone.”. I am now following my dream of being an author, raising funds through selling my belongings and have never been more passionate as I have found myself, my one dream is to meet those 4 bands and tell them personally “Thank you.”. I still struggle with what I call the “aftershocks” after you have found help a.k.a the never-ending battle of Depression and Anxiety. It is people such as those bands, your channel, other entertainers and kind people that I have met that keep me fighting for a better future and the right to say “I did it, thank you.” <3


I am so happy and proud of you. You are so strong and such an inspiration. I am sure someone that has struggled with loss or abuse or possibly both will read this and that will help them find the strength to pursue what they love.

Music is such a powerful art form, and it makes me so happy that you found these groups that make such raw and emotional music. I hope that you can meet these groups soon!

The future is bright for you! :heart:


your comment is an inspiration and brought me chills. thank you for opening up about your journey and the obstacles that have been in your path. most importantly, thank you for being here and making it through such difficult times in your life. through the grief, the loss of your dad/best friend, sudden move away, mother re-dating so soon after your dad’s death, and then the hatred and abuse that came from this new guy your mom was dating, it’s no doubt been difficult. i hear you, i see you, and i believe in you. that is amazing to hear how you are achieving your dreams of being an author. i wish you all the best in meeting the bands that have carried you through the hardest of times! cheers to an amazing 2024 ahead for you, my friend. thank you for being in this community and, most importantly, this world.


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Thank you for sharing this story with us. It’s inspiring to hear that you’ve been through so much and yet you continue to hold your head high – to push forward to that point of victory, following your dreams.

It’s understandable that you’d still struggle after these difficult experiences. From losing your dad to handling fights, it can be a lot. With that said, I’m so glad to hear that you’ve find a community – you’ve found these bands – that can help you through these challenges because you (and the bands) are exactly right. You are not alone. And that’s such a powerful revelation.

With that said, I’m wishing you the best in your journey as an author; your eloquence in this comment certainly speaks well of your capabilities.

<3 Tuna


@@HeartSupport thank you all so much, I’m tearing up rn. You guys are inspirational and such sweet individuals, I’m glad that I can say I live in the same world as such sweet beacons of light. Sending cheers and wishes for an amazing 2024 for all of you! <3


Wow you’re an incredible human being we’re all so glad you are still here with us🤘🏻 keep rocking my dude you’re dad would be proud of you!!

Props, bud. You need to turn this into something for the world to see… I would read the pain on each page and it would help heal my scars… I really hate you lost so much so fast… Glad you’re still here to tell us about your life.

I cannot apologize enough for the life you had to live in. You didn’t deserve any of that, but the fact that you didn’t end give up your life there is amazing. It’s something most of us couldn’t do. I wish the best of luck to your career, and the rest of your life. You have a tremendously massive heart, and I can feel it.

Your story touches me man, I 25, no father, a damaged relationship with my mother, feeling I don’t belong, but everyday with a tear in my eye, even if I make so many mistakes, I have to be better, for my name, my bloodline, my loved ones and the life that’s around me, I have to find a way to be larger than life itself in my own image

Thank you for sharing this story, massive step of bravery and is inspiring for someone who’s just started therapy at 31.

I feel like I’ve finally found all the pieces as horrible as they are everything makes horrific sense now.

The thought I finally have the opportunity to become my true self terrifies me… you’re story has really helped me thank you. :pray:

Thanks for sharing your story. I lost my father to cancer 7 years ago and it was a slow process of me taking care of him. We finally got closer to one another during the last 3 years. Before that, his hobby was fishing and … I never got into it. I regret every day of not having different interests… I wish I could have found more to do with him, as I did truely love him. I guess we always had the problem of … being men and not talking openly about our feelings and now it’s too late.

You should check out the song gasoline by I prevail, super good song and I feel like you could maybe relate

@@TheOmenTheEndYour original comment touched me. You’ve been through so much, but you continue to fight on :raised_hands:t3: I can only imagine how proud your Dad is, watching over you. I’m proud of you, just by reading that one comment​:face_holding_back_tears::heart:

I wish you every success in the world :smiling_face: