Social Anxiety and Mentally Stuck

These past few years I’ve been experiencing social anxiety, depression, and my ADHD has been progressing to the point where it’s affecting my careers. I have a great foundation of friends that I can lean on but find myself isolating myself from them. I try to avoid conversations as much as possible for the cause of not finding the words to say or just being jumbled in my mind. I love this community and how everyone has their own ways to cope. Please share any remedies or treatments that work for you!

Have a blessed day and keep on grinding :facepunch:

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@GrundySmash hey friend, thanks for the positivity!

What do you do as a job? Is there someone you can talk too and explain that right now you’re having a bit of a tough time and maybe need a little extra support? I work in retail and my manager has been AMAZING with my mental health decline. I think you’ll find if you have these conversations, although your mind is jumbled, your words will come out just fine. I find sometimes that just by saying something it helps sort my head out a little better.

I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to be more honest with the people I know will try to help me when I can’t find the words I need to express myself. This community is full of people who will help you to make sense of the jumbled thoughts in your head - never be afraid to come and speak a little bit of nonsence at us if that’s whats going on. Maybe try writing down your thoughts in a diary for yourself to keep and later when you’re in a better mental state, work on making sense of them so if they come again - you can refer back and understand it without trying too much. It’s just finding people/things that help YOU… It could even be music.

Hold Fast

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Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to write down your response!

I work as a massage therapist and a fitness trainer so lots of active listening and thinking on the spot. Just recently got a new job as a trainer and my anxiety about it making me sick and if I can’t provide positive energy, then I feel like I won’t be able to help people to my full extent.

The diary is a great idea! Haven’t done that since I was in a band back in HS.

Hey @GrundySmash,

Thank you for reaching out! I, too, am no stranger to anxiety. I’ve developed a small list to execute when I’m going through periods of severe anxiety. So, to answer your request of:

Here is my list! I hope it gives you some ideas too. :slight_smile:

  • Take deep breaths whenever you think about breathing (Use the “4-7-8 method”)
  • Consider taking mood-enhancing tablets (Omega-3, 5-MTHF)
  • Get enough sleep (Go to bed early!)
  • Watch/listen to your favorite comedian
  • Exercise (Swim, if possible)
  • Download a meditation app (Headspace, Breathe, 10% Happier, etc)
  • Activate an essential oil diffuser and/or mood lights
  • Temporary change music to something relaxing (i.e. Hammock)


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@Eric thank you for sharing your ideas!

Sadly I’ve fallen out of all those methods and need to create a routine again. Tried sensory deprivation tanks before and found those helped calmed the anxiety and increased productivity mentally.