Sociopathic tendencies?

So these characteristics that I’ve been discovering about myself lately include not feeling remorse, manipulative, cunning, deceitful, and charming to get things going in my way. Sometimes I find myself mimicking other people’s actions whether it is through my friends or through television shows, so that I could blend into society and be a “normal” functioning human being. Growing up, this has been this way for a while starting with being cunning and then through my high school years, I’ve became really manipulative with certain people just for my personal gain. What I do know is that I do not fit into all the criteria to have the disorder that links to being a “sociopath”. But what I want to know is why and if anyone out there has discovered some of these “tendencies” as well in their persona?

Hi friend.
I know i have been like that at some point or another in my life. I think we all have, because we all so desparently want things to go our way and when they don’t, we change and we let our bad emotions get the best of us. But i’ve learned that chasing after certain things just isn’t worth it. For example, is me changing my persona because i want this guy to like me or something really gonna be worth it?
It’s hard, but i believe we’re here on this earth to serve others and not just ourselves. Is it hard? yes, but is it worth pursuing? Absolutely.

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