Some Good Things

I just got the email today that my study abroad application was accepted! So for the whole month of June I will be in London taking some classes! Studying abroad is a requirement for the University I attend and I’m very excited about this!!

I also have a therapy appointment scheduled for Sunday so that’s exciting. I’m a little nervous to get back into therapy, but I know it’ll be for the best.


Good for you! I didn’t know universities required to study abroad? Either way, I wanna try that also! Therapy’s cool, and I understand what you mean by being nervous, I think anyone would be nervous.

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Hi @FaeTheProud,

I’m so proud of your new exciting journey in your life. I wish I could you give a high five. You must be nervous and scare. It’s okay, sometimes you to do something out of your comfort zone. Going to London sounds fun!

It’s awesome for you going to therapy, I hope you find a therapist that you can get along with. It’s okay to changed a therapist if you are uncomfortable!

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Hi, congratulations
It’s so amazing I hope you have a great time studying abroad it’s such an amazing opportunity and I know you will do great. Starting therapy again is scary but is good it shows that you are okay with working through your problems and that’s amazing. You will do great and you will thrive cant wait to hear about your progress.

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