Someone in my family die of covid (screw the anit- covid bullshit)

Just found out that my cousin husband had pass away from covid -19. He was 50 years old and also had five children. In addition he was bread winner of the house whole.

Honestly, I kinda like I told you so. They told by their that vaccines were dangerous, and that they had computer chips on them. Also they though that covid was kinda made up and that they should not to worry about it.

Look I’m not trying shut my views on people throat. This has nothing to do politics, or being right or wiser. But I’m sorry I get so fucking pissed that people believe in bullshit lies , and conspiracy theories. Cuase people thier lives and many people had die because they did not take this seriously enough.

To fair I’m one those too, I also been lacking in being more careful about covid. But I got three vaccines and a also try my best through two years not spread covid.

It fuck up that talking like this, but I’m angry or kinda this could be prevent . I’m not saying I’m right, but fuck man, if he took the vaccines or least did something. He could have been still alive. He was caring father and he was close my family especially my mom.

Also he struggle with the shit I deal with. I know he was hurting and just need help. But did not have health insurance to get mental health. It just I don’t how to feel about this.

I’m a bad person because I’m not crying or having a meltdown. It kinda like I told you so.


You’re not a bad person.
You’re a person dealing with a TON of emotions from a close loss. There are many conflicting emotions hitting you all at once. When death happens, we always look for a reason or a cause, a “why” to blame.

I’m so sorry for your loss, and I hope that your family can all find courage and peace while the preparations are made.


Also, not having a meltdown is a good thing, too, right?

It means that you’re in control of your emotions/your reactions!!


From: twixremix (Discord)

hey friend, i am so sorry for your family’s loss. as always, thank you for coming here to this forum and for knowing you are in good company to be supported and loved. this is a hard time for everyone, with so much uncertainty, loss, sickness, misinformation, etc… it’s understandable that after all you’ve done to protect yourself and others in this pandemic that you don’t give as much heart to people who don’t do the same. coming from someone with an immune deficiency, thank you though for doing all you can do during this pandemic with getting vaccinated. sending you and your family all my love and comforting wishes as you mourn y’all’s loss. please let me know if you need anything! love, twix

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From: ᏒᎧᏕᎥᏋ (Discord)

Hi @Metalskater1990 I’m very sorry for your loss, COVID has taken the life of many people. I hope his family will be ok. I’m really happy that you are doing your best to be responsible and not spread COVID by making sure you are vaccinated. I also hope that you can find some peace and be ok as well with this loss. we love you ~


From: Lisalovesfeathers (Discord)

Hi Friend, Firstly can I start by saying that I am very sorry for your loss, that is a tradgey for sure and one that is going to have and ongoing affect on that family for a very long time to come I am sure. I do understand your upset and frustration regarding the gentleman deciding to not have the vaccinations and that possibly leading to what has happened but with respect that wont change anything now, its a terrible sadness and all the energy that is being focused on anger could be used in a good way to support the family of the gentleman who has passed especially his 5 children who no longer have a Dad. You are not a bad person at all, if you were, you wouldnt care and you do care that id clear. You are a supportive family member and they are fortunate to have you. I wish you all well. I send you all love and best wishes. Much Love Lisa. x

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@Metalskater1990 I’m so sorry not only for your loss but also for the fact that you’re in this emotional situation that comes with it regarding COVID and vaccinations. It’s such a divisive issue, and it seems like you’re in the thick of it. I drew this picture of Bishop from X-Men to encourage you. Hold Fast.

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