Someone with experience please help me

I am nonbinary but I was bor as to be female. I am a preteen and puberty is creeping in on me. I am happy at school with my accepting friends, but I constanly feel uncomfortable and trapped in my body, like a heavy load is on my chest (literally) even though the growths on my chest are not fully deve,oped. I am tired of wearing two training sports bras upon each other in order to bind my chest. I need a real binder. But if I get one free throigh the mail, then my parents will find it and take it in and open the package and find it and if a friend gets it for me then they will find it in my room when I have to wash it they might find it in the washer. I don’t know how to make one myslef and I don’t know if that’s a good ieda anyway. I am also bad at typing, don’t mind my typing. I did semi-come out in October, but my parents don;t understand that I expereice gender dysphoria because I still am compfortable with she/her pronpuns so they don’t understand that though I use they’then abd he/him as well that my body has anything to do with ot though I quote myslf I said “having a feminine body is not part of what I’m comfortable with. But growing up like a man isn’t right either. I’d rather my body just not have gender. I’d rather myself just not have gender.” But they seem to literally have forgotten. So they would not understand me needing an binder. SO what do I do abput a binder? I cannot wait, my am so uncomfortable. I feel laik I need a binder. Please help/


Oh god I’m so sorry. Yea… I know exactly how you feel friend. I don’t fit with either squares, but I still identify more with male, and am rushing to go on horomones because I’m becoming desperate. Puberty is hell to go through when you aren’t in the right body. You’re still young, if you still have a chance go on horomone blockers if your parents don’t understand there are excuses you could make up like “my body is producing too much estrogen and I need something to stop it” or something else. That at least stops it enough for you to have enough time to transition when you’re 18.
You’re a very lovely person, and if your family realized that too, they should be sure to help you in any way they can. It sounds like they didn’t fully understand, but that doesn’t mean you have no chance. Be slow if you decide to come out, you could also simply say you don’t like how big your chest is and would like something that compresses it, just don’t go too into detail if you’re worried. But you’re such an amazing and lovely beautiful person, I can’t imagine them loving you any less or not listening.
Here is the site I go to to get binders 2b Nude – gc2b
Let’s see… When I was younger, I usually got a Visa gift card and anymously bought it, and sent them in my friends mailbox. When it comes to friends help they are a huge help in supporting with orders and transportation with transitioning. What you gotta do after is hide your stuff well, and that isn’t too difficult. Just make sure to keep your shirts covering it and only put it on in the safety of your bathroom.

Do you have any mailbox or PO box that you can use at all??? (When I didn’t have a mailbox I’d secretly check the doorstep and mailbox myself.)



I have my family mailbox. I have some understanding friends but i don’t know thier adresses. I could ask at school tomorrow. Do you think I should have it mailed to one of them?

Also, how do you get a Visa card? I don’t have but 40 dollars and they are cash…


Hi Pengyou
I must admit that I don’t have a similar experience as you but there is still something I want to tell you. There is no need to “fit” somewhere. I wouldn’t say there is a set of feminine and masculine traits. Sure there are some that incline one way or the other but most traits are I would say genderless. So basically I want to say do what you like and what you want. Don’t try to fit within an archetype.

When it comes to your body I am not very well versed in this topic. However I believe there are LGBT forums and sites dealing with similar issues so if you wount find satisfactory answers here you can always try there. I wish you a lot of love and happiness. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes, as long as you know them well enough to keep it private.
A Visa gift card is something you get at your local grocery store or pharmacy, I used to getine at my neighborhood Walmart and Walgreens. If you’re in America that is. You simply pick one that says $50 and put in the amount you desire. It doesn’t cost $50 you pick $50 so you can fit whatever amount you want until that adds up to 50. Then you go to counter and say the amount you want to put in and they may charge a small fee of $3-$5 and you pay that and then they will finish the transfer and give you your card. It may take a while for the card to start working (usually for me it takes just a couple hours) and then you can use it. All the info on it is anonymous and should work perfectly as long as you’re in America, if you aren’t then idk if you guys would even have Visa’s, if you aren’t in America you could check online for your own countries similar visa thing. Other than that I wouldn’t know.

Lemme know if you found some ppl ^~^


My friend Tet is going to help me. : )


That is really cool. Tet is a good friend :slightly_smiling_face:.


Hey are your family not open to talking about this situation? Do you feel like they wouldn’t support you or listen to you?
I’m so sorry if that’s the case. I read that a friend is helping you out which is awesome! Can I just say one thing that it’s important to make sure you’re binding safely. I’m also really proud of you for being who you are.


That’s great! Let us know if it goes well alright? ^~^


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