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Something kinda good (tw guns)

Well I went out with my friend the other day and we went out shooting guns and I had multiple chanced to shoot myself but I didn’t. It did come to my mind but I fought it and won. I am very proud of myself.


That is great that you are learning to use you own skills to cope and get your mind to stop thinking in ways it shouldnt. Proud of you and the steps it takes to do that.

Hold fast


I saw metal and thought to myself, “Hell yeah”

Edit: Sorry, I’ve just been in a really good mood latetly



That is awesome that you were able to fight against those thoughts. Your life is so valuable and I believe that you deserve to heal from your pain. I would encourage you to not put yourself in situations with potentially harmful means. It just makes things so much easier and sometimes you gotta pick your battles.

Proud of you though.

Hey friend,

Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s really awesome that you didn’t listen to this urge of hurting yourself. Definitely a very valid reason to be proud of yourself! We’re proud of you here as well, so much.

You are strong. You matter. Your presence is a blessing. :hrtlegolove: