Sometimes my friends forget who I am. It makes me feel unsteady…

Some of my friends/classmates forget who I am. Even if they got a new phone.


If some forget, it gives you more time to spend with those who don’t.

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true friends will always remember you, does not matter if they get a new phone or not.
otherwise i would not consider them as friends.

I’m sorry that this is the type of feeling you’re being left with, @Katelynn. It’s awful to feel as if you are present but people that matter to you don’t actually see you. It’s as if there’s a veil between you and others, pushing you into more and more loneliness. It hurts to feel alone even when you know rationally that you’re not.

If you trust these people and are friend with them, maybe this is something worth to discuss with them. Not in an argumentative way, but more in the perspective of trying to find solutions together. They may not be aware of it, you may have high expectations when it comes to being acknowledged, they may also not be the right people for you. There’s a lot of possibilities there, and hopefully this could be resolved through honest and respectful communication.

Know that you’re not alone, despite all of this. You always belong and you are always loved, regardless of how much someone acknowledges you or not. :hrtlegolove:

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