Songs I made for you all! Because you are loved, you matter, and youa re worth it!

So I was talking to my friend Moon, and something I said to support them reminded me of a song I wrote. Then I realised several of the songs I wrote feel heartsupport-ish to me. Like they have this deep familiarity connection in my head that makes me feel alive. Or words that help my sister when she feels depressed. Or what I listen to to ‘get in touch’ with my emotions when writing for heartsupport, whether it be a post or a reply.

Here you go:


Thank you for sharing. There’s something for everyone there. I really like the Anne Frank and the Tree.

I’ve felt love for you for a while now. Having people like you around makes the world survivable.


Thank you so much for sharing these creations of yours with all of us. “Tree” brought up some emotions and memories I didn’t think were still there. Some fond childhood memories that I probably don’t treasure enough. Thank you for bringing this opportunity to smile today. I still have a few to listen to, but willing to savor this throughout the next couple days, little by little.

You bring such a warm and comforting energy all around. Thank you for being you and for sharing your gifts with this world. :hrtlegolove:

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