Sorry I just need to Rant

Okay, sorry. I’m just really annoyed at the world today. I’m one of those people that can eat an entire cow and still be skin & bones. Idk why, it just happens like that. Back in high school I used to get accused of having eating disorders ALL THE TIME. Even my immediate family would ask me if I was bulimic, even though they very much knew I wasn’t. So then, when I started college, I did actually end up gaining about 20 lbs. It was all healthy weight, I still looked really good, but then there’s my mother. Bless her soul. Idk if you guys have seen any of my other posts but long story short she’s crazy. Like, with a lot of crazy people, it’s their way or the highway. With my mother though? It’s her way or her way. Also, she’s super Mormon and feels the need to control every detail of her children’s lives to make sure they fall standard with the church, so you can imagine how much she flipped her shit when she found out I was living/sleeping with my boyfriend. Oh my hell, it was as if Hitler himself rose from the dead to come kill her. Long story short, she ended up telling me that I hAD TO BE PREGNANT BECAUSE I HAD GAINED WEIGHT. Let me say that again. I HAD. To be PREGNANT. Because I GAINED A LITTLE BIT OF WEIGHT THAT ACTUALLY KNOCKED ME INTO A HEALTHY RANGE INSTEAD OF UNDERWEIGHT. Ohhh, was I pissed. I mean, hell. No offense but this woman had 4 kids and never lost the weight, she has zero room to be talking. But then, after that of course I felt really bad about myself so I put myself through some intense exercises for a few months, and then started cutting out bad things from my diet and slowly but surely I ended losing 30 lbs! Of course I got accused of being bulimic some more after that so that was awesome. So basically don’t be skinny because people will think you are mentally ill, but don’t gain 15 lbs because then people will start accusing you of being pregnant. Moral of the story? Everyone is assholes and need to stay in their fucking lane when it comes to others appearances.

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Hi there!

I can insanely relate to this. When I was 14, my BMI was like 14 even though I ate normally - I was underweight at 6 ft 1. Got accused of having an eating disorder not otherwise specified by my DOCTOR, who pegged me as most likely bulimic. Thankfully, due to some life changes regarding some other things, I gained a lot of weight and am honestly probably a bit overweight now. Whoops.

Anyways, I’m terribly sorry people are jerks. They comment on things when they shouldn’t and either way you go you’re a loser when it comes to weight. At this rate, if possible, I’d try to just find things you like about yourself however you’re comfortable. It’s your body, and as long as you’re not harming your health, people can mind their damn business.

Hugs and sympathy

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