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I’m a non-traditional college student trying to finish his degree. I work 3 jobs to afford basic food and rent and attend school full-time. I feel as if there is too much pressure on me to succeed, as well as extremely overwhelmed and stressed out. I can’t afford to work less and I need to finish school, but I don’t think it’s worth it any more. I’m extremely depressed and anxious about my future and I don’t know how I’m supposed to keep going.

Wow. I’m sorry my friend. I have some friends who also had to take on 3 jobs on top of trying to burn through school. That IS a lot.
Are there any resources at all around you that you can take advantage of? That can help you with finances?
Are there food banks you can maybe use to help get food to help save on money?
Is there anyone at all you can talk to see if there’s something around that could offer support?

It’s so important that you have time to focus on your health. Having a moment to do things to just relax, so something that feels good and allows you to just mentally reset. I know time management is hard when you’re bouncing between 3 jobs and school.

Maybe some meditation or yoga would be a good thing to somehow work into your time. Even if just a short 15-30 minutes. To allow yourself some time to focus on your mind and body.

I don’t have a lot of words to offer. I’m unsure of what to say to make you feel better or advise to help. But I see you and I hear you. And I’m so sorry that things are so overwhelming right now.

I hope that your time left with school is closer to done. So that you can better adjust your time that can work more comfortable. School debt is hard when you’re doing it alone.

Stay strong my friend. Depression and anxiety is a hard battle when you have so much on your plate already. But we are here to love and support you as you go through your journey. You matter and we care.

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Sounds like something has to give and when something has to give, something will give. It sounds like school, except that the three jobs are for the school. Let’s pretend that we know that everything will be alright. Which of your three jobs do you want to quit most? Which of the remaining two do want to keep the most? Think about it for a while. Talk to the school about your financial situation and see if they can help. Maybe employ you for shorter commutes? Keep the job you like best and the job you like least and get rid of the third one so that you can sleep for a little bit. Meditation does not equal sleep but it can comes closer than any other thing that I know of. You can have certain noises pull you back into awareness, although I would not rely on this for important things like meditating on the bus and have it pull you out at your stop until you can regularly meditate without falling asleep. If you are subsisting on fast food, stay away from greasy food. It does not make you tired but it makes you feel tired.