Starting to hate my teacher

My Italian teacher keeps misgendering me, after being told MULTIPLE times that my pronouns are he/him. He keeps saying slightly insensitive things in class and I just… I’m really starting to get upset with him because I deserve to be gendered correctly, but he’s not respecting that. He even slightly made fun of people with Tourettes by mocking tics in class today. It’s really getting on my nerves.


ugh that really sucks im so sorry. I think if you are having issues with him and uhm…and if he is mocking others for their disabilities ?! You should definitely gather a small group and talk with the principle about the issue. Your feelings are valid and you are right. You 150% do deserve to be gendered properly. I think that could really help things. Hang in there and stay strong!

We had a lot of difficult teachers. Some were sexist, some racist, some just very condescending.
Maybe you could try and talk to someone at your school about it. But in the end the bigger problem is that there will always be people like this in your life in one way or another. So my approach would rather be to ask myself things like “How do I want to handle these situations?”
I’m NOT saying people should just be allowed any behavior without consequences. Just think about how and why it affects you and what can you do about THAT. Then suddenly it shifts to what happens within you and how you handle it. We can’t change them all, but we can change in which way they affect us. For me that’s an empowering thought. :wink:

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From: Ash (Discord)

First off that is not fun at all that not only is he not respecting you but the fact he is mocking people like that is wrong. Have you talked to anyone above him like your guidance counselor or the principal about this. It sounds like this teacher could use a chance to be told these actions are not allowed. I personally have had to deal with this because I was the student with multiple issues and my teachers at times used it as a joke and learning that it isnt in our control is hard and it is sickening but we need to find ways to get the teacher to understand this is wrong on so many levels and not okay to do. Just know that you have a right to ask him to stop and to respect you. He may not take it but that is when I would involve someone higher up and get them to take care of the issue at hand. Hold fast we are here for you

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