Stepping out of my comfort zone (TW: ED)

So, next year I’ll attend a language academy in a country on the other end of the world. I’ve been to this country before, for 3 weeks and only after that I’ve decided to give it a try.

While I’m proud of myself for doing something I really want to do, even if it’s scary, I can’t help but worry about so many things already.

I guess first and foremost, I’m scared of my mental health getting worse during these 3 months. The country I will be in isn’t exactly the best in terms of taking mental health problems seriously and from what I’ve been told, their psychiatrists are rather on the bad side. While I’ll try to bring medication from home, I’m unsure if I can bring a supply for 3 whole months… and if I can’t, I’m even more scared of having to see a psychiatrist there and them not prescribing me the medication I need. Going cold turkey on the medication I take is horrible. I once forgot to take it for 4 days and felt like electric shocks were soaring through my body + I felt dizzy. During the second half of my stay I’ve also decided to book an Airbnb, as I do want some privacy. I just hope I won’t only stay in the Airbnb and actually still go outside on my own. Not only to see things like museums or so, but just for taking walks or hopefully meeting up with new friends I make there.

The second thing I’m scared of is being lonely. I can handle being alone, but also as part of getting out of my comfort zone, I do want to meet new people and hang out with them. Now, I know I’ll most likely meet people at the academy and I’m also going to stay at a guesthouse for 1,5 months. I guess I’m just terrified that people won’t like me. I am super introverted and more of an observer around people I don’t know that well yet. Once I’ve warmed up to them, I also open up more and my actual personality comes through. I’m scared though that no one will take that chance on me and just writes me off as arrogant or weird. I know all I can do for now is wait and see, but the thought of getting lonely there isn’t nice.

Third thing I’m worried about… I’m a very picky eater. I’d say almost chronically picky, as my brain will give me full on anxiety attacks or makes me feel like throwing up, if I just think of trying new foods. Even if it smells and looks delicious and has stuff in it I already know and like. In the 3 weeks I survived somewhat on foods that I deemed safe, but it wasn’t a big variety of meals. I’m worried about developing deficits, which would then probably affect my mental health and therefore puts me back to problem number 1. I want to give myself a goal to at least try a very simple dish, but that’s what I did for those 3 weeks as well and I didn’t manage.

So yeah… while I’m extremely excited to go and to do this on my own, which is a huge step for me, I also have all these worries. I know that I won’t know how things will go until I’m actually there, living daily life and stuff. Maybe I’m stressing over this way too much and in the end I’ll have a great time and even try some new foods. I hope so at least.

Sorry for the long ramble. I needed to get this off my chest, I guess.


How awesome for this experience! So cool that you will be out there, I’m proud of you for going out of your comfort zone. That’s not always easy to do.

Those are completely valid worries. That’s amazing how insightful you are about them, though, I feel like that gives you time to make plans and get adjusted as the day to temporarily move comes closer.

I just wanted to offer some support and validation for you, I know how things like this can plague the mind. I know you will get through this though! We are here any time you need to talk anything through. Sending all the best! :hrtlegolove:


Hi there @upthathill,

That sounds so exciting and I’m proud of you for recognizing that you’re interested in this and having the courage to go for it!

I also totally understand your worries – they’re all completely valid! I’d be nervous too if I was going out of the country for so long! But it’s still an amazing opportunity and I’m glad that you’re pursuing your passions despite the concerns.

As hellosusieqzz said, you should be able to get some of these worries sorted out through planning for the trip (e.g., talking to your doctor about getting medication for the trip). In terms of other worries, I have a feeling that these will feel a lot better once you’re there. I’m confident that you’ll find people to talk to there! With that said, I understand how worry can grow as the trip approaches, so please don’t hesitate to make another post if anything is on your mind.

You got this! You’re valued, cared for, and are all-around awesome. I hope you have a great trip!

<3 Tuna

PS: No need to apologize for posting! We’re glad that you’re here and appreciate you for trusting us.


Check with your doctor about the medications. It’s not uncommon for them to write prescriptions for three months at a time. Make sure the doctor knows that you will be traveling, and the negative effects you experience when you miss your medication.

I understand not wanting to be lonely, yet loneliness is not to be feared. As an introvert, I suspect you have some experience in being your own friend. Besides, has a quiet observer, you have gained wisdom that others can appreciate. Usually, in any group, there’s one or two people who take an interest in the quiet person in the room.

I understand the food issue. There’s a lot of I can’t tolerate, and I don’t eat meat. I do tend to lose weight when I travel. I eat next to nothing during travel. So far, I have always managed to find some kind of food that I could handle, and sometimes enjoy, once I reach my destination. I also take a multivitamin, and occasionally, a liquid nutritional supplement like Ensure or a protein shake.

I think stepping out of your comfort zone will be hugely beneficial for you. It will broaden your perspective, and increase your confidence. You will be so glad you did it!


Cold turkey is indeed a terrible situation to have happen! I’m hoping if you do see a mental health professional or even your prescribing dr they can provide you with a note to allow you to travel with the needed amount of medication. It was something I had to do when o travelled for a few months too. But please have a chat with them about it because I don’t want to give any medical advice, just know that there are options and your dr should be able to make it an easy travel for you.

Sometimes a bit of down time is good and needed, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you have a few days of rest inside. I do also hope that you meet some lovely people you get to catch up with and explore all the sights you seem to be excited to see!
You’re amazing! You deserve to be able to enjoy your experience and not feel any guilt no matter how you spend your time!

My fellow introvert, there will be so many people that someone will take you under their wing! Most likely someone will be aware you are in a new environment and that you don’t know anyone and they’ll befriend you. They’re the empathetic extroverts haha, and they are wonderful! My friend is like this and I liken her to a golden retriever.

I’m also hoping there will be an abundance of different foods so you won’t have to go too far from your comfort zone. A lot of places accomodate for tourists and have a range of foods. If you need to keep it safe and comfortable in order to feel okay eating, then do that. You being healthy and actually feeling comfortable eating is what’s important.

Thank you for sharing with us and for trusting us with your journey. You’re loved x


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