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Still can’t move on!

I wanna be happy but The reality of the mistake I made keeps me miserable. I messed up a part at work. They put it on a car and it failed. One guy told
Me about it and I got sick to my stomach because I’m not really good at handling mistakes at work because of my past with messing up and getting a lot of back lash for it at my last job. Even though know one else has said anything to me about it and nobody got hurt from it I’m still paranoid every day I’m gonna walk into work and hear about it. I would feel so low. Normal people at work don’t have these problems. I just wanna be normal and happy. I’m so paranoid this will happen again. It’s been 6 weeks since i was told about it. I have been paranoid for the last 6 weeks it’s gonna happen again or someone is gonna hear about it. I’ve been constantly looking at my phone waiting for someone from work to message me about it. I hate this. I need advice or something.

Hey @WaitingOne,

I’m sorry you are still feeling paranoid about this. Have you talked to your boss about it? Maybe it would make you feel better to own the mistake and tell them how hard you are working to prevent it from happening again.

Remember, we all make mistakes and it’s okay. We’re human- we’ll never be perfect. Keep working hard! You’ve got this!



Yea I have and he told me to not worry about it. I’m just paranoid people no about it and think I’m a piece of shit. People’s opinions are 95 percent of my happiness to be honest. I hate it

Everyone makes mistakes! Especially at work! I work at hospital and I accidentally entered the wrong date of brith for a patient one time. This patient had to have testing sent out and when the lab received it they had to throw it out because they realized that I entered the wrong date of birth. We had to completely retest the patient. I was so panicked and scared that I was going to get fired. A patient had to get retested because of me! Thankfully, the doctors and nurses reminded me that EVERYONE makes mistakes. It’s part of being human. They even kind of laughed at how scared I was. Trust me, I have been EXTREMELY careful since that has happened, but I have realized that mistakes are normal. Try not to worry too much about it anymore, just be a little more careful. But don’t be scared of making mistakes. You are human. You are allowed to make mistakes. Good luck at work!

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Hey @WaitingOne,

We all makes mistakes. And when we recognize it, we can learn from it and try not to do the same.

I’m sorry you are still feeling paranoid about this. Try to hold on to what your boss said to you. If he told you not to worry, then it’s certainly okay. It’s great you talked to him, so you can know that.

Being aware of your struggles is important. Thoughts can be overwhelming and stressful, especially when you’re afraid of something bad to happen. I know you’ve came here for a certain time now because you’re struggling with these thoughts. And I don’t know if someone was mean to you in your life, or you thought they was, but you are absolutely not “a piece of shit”. You are you. You are important. And what you’re experiencing matters. Maybe try to write some reminders to yourself in order to not be drowned by that kind of thoughts when they become too overwhelming.

You are loved. Hold fast.:heart: