Still growing up

I need help finding a way to ease my emotions during the day dealing with college stuff it gets overwhelming for me, my foster guardian didnt help much to get me prepared for transitioning into adulthood so I’m still learning some thing

College can be so overwhelming, so just BREATHE when you feel your emotions are tangled. I work in higher education, and I coached my daughter (who struggles with anxiety) to communicate her questions and her enthusiasm to learn to her teachers. It shows them you are serious about all the preparation you are doing for your life path! Many teachers respond with offers for help, give more clarity, and connect you to other supports to be successful! Hold fast and keep breathing through struggles. You’ve got this!


Yeah man feels like life’s demanding more from you than you know how to give…you feel overwhelmed, and you don’t know how to deal with those emotions, so it’s easier to cope in negative ways that only make the spiral go further and further down…you see other people who are “Better adjusted” for this “adulthood” stuff because they had parents who trained and prepared them, and you feel at a disadvantage to everyone else…almost like you’re the only one there struggling…and that only makes the problem worse, because – who can I talk to? So the loneliness compounds the problem because you’re trying to figure it out by yourself, but you don’t know how, so it’s this Catch 22.

Well let me assure you – everyone to one degree or another struggles in college…literally everyone…even the people who seem the happiest or best adjusted…they feel pressure and anxiety, they fear failing, they fear missing out, they worry that they’ll forget things or will wake up one day to being a complete phony…just because they look good on the outside doesn’t mean they don’t experience similar things as you… You’re not alone dude. I was one of those people who looked really “well adjusted” – I graduated super early with multiple degrees and honors…but all the while, I felt like I was drowning in addiction, self-hate, fear, and more…we’re all in this together dude.


Hey friend,

Transitioning into college is HARD! Holy cow, I wish high school prepared us better than it does.

College is overwhelming in general and then you throw in that you don’t feel like you were as well prepared as others might be, that sounds super frustrating and overwhelming.

You said it yourself, you’re still learning, and that’s OKAY! Be gentle with yourself, transitioning to a new life stage is a process, and it takes time, but it sounds like you’re really trying and you should be proud of yourself for that.

Something that really helped me feel grounded in college was joining different groups and finding a place where I could be myself and people who I could grow with. Another thing that might help is talking to your professors and building relationships with them!

You got this! So proud of you for still trying!

It get’s easier as you get more into routine of things. I am doing full time schooling completely online, as well as working full time. I get this period of anxiety at the beginning of each semester, with new classes and new schedules. However, after a week or so, I start to get in my own routine of things. This makes me feel much better and like I have more control of my life. Just breathe, ask questions to teachers and classmates, and do your best. School is great, and I’m proud of you for going. Don’t give up. :slight_smile: