Still hurt by the past

This girl (coworker) that use to be close friends, she was alittle bit like a girlfriend ( well not a girlfriend). We use to hang a tiny bit. I really did love her as friends. Felt less lonely abs alittle bit normal. However there was situation at work where I was accused of harassment of a co worker. I did not mean to upset anyone, bur I hear them talk I was getting written and charge with sexual harassment. I told to my friend and other boss, they said they were not going to. Then one guy that was asshole too ( saying that my band suck, would invade my personal space and was a nazi that hated Jews and gays) said that my friend told him that I rape her.

I’m not a good, I have a lot wrongs in my life and treat women not best. But I never held a woman against her will and never ever to that to a person. Fuck I’m still a virgin. I don’t know what to believe anymore. He is just lying about my friend and did she actually said that to him.

It hurt me cuase know people that love and care that have been rape. The damage what been done too and how thier live are ruin.

I say again, I’m shitty human, but I’m not a rapist. Those fucking asshole don’t have right to call me that.


Metalskater1990, I’m sorry you’re hurting because of this, I’m sorry that people do such horrible things to one another. I hope you have people near you who can stand up and defend you, people who know you well. We’ve all done things we wish we hadn’t, thoughtless and even hurtful things, but I hope that doesn’t make us “shitty human”, cause, I’d like to think we can make mistakes, and recover, learn to do better. I actually feel I’ve done that to some degree in my own life. If we’re sorry, I think forgiveness is a great thing. You’re being accused of something you didn’t do, so if you’re in a safe place, great, if not, I’d get away from these people anyway, they obviously are not concerned with your well being. Take care of yourself. Peace.


If it’s possible, ask her what she said about you. If she makes the truth known, this person who is telling lies will be exposed. If she did not report a rape, odds are either she did not tell him that she was raped, or she is telling lies.

It really does sound like you might be better off somewhere else though.

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