Still sad but better

Hi, here Maisnow.

Some week ago I posted about how I was still hurt and I now sometimes, when I remember her, still hurt but less.

Is true that sometimes I think to myself, why I had done gift to her (Birthday letters, Christmas postcard ( I think it is said like that), being for her, helping her to study… Because at the end it seem that it didnt matter, because someone that value you dont came asking for somenthing after they know they hurt you by leaving and saying hurtfull things and with no apologize.

I dont want to seem like an arrogant because I am not perfect and she has helped me in the past when I was not okay, but I feel like she really didnt value almost anything that I did and I feel like a fool.

Apart from that feeling I feel more calm, this week I have been more on my own and maybe it has been the best week of 2022 I ever had.

I know I have a lot work ahead but is like a start. And I hope that when I have more energy and time, that I will start supporting the ones that needs.

Thanks a lot🤍


Hello Maisnow,
it sounds very good your last words. Nobody is perfect. You did a great step forward.
How you tread others it important and you can’t expect that they act like you.
Tell her about how you feel and speak out if you want, maybe it helps to understand each other
more. You dont know why she acts like that.

Its very lovely to hear you are doing very good, and you have had a great week.
Keep going! Step by step and build on that feeling.
We are proud of you and we are here for you.


Hi Aardvank

Thanks for your post, I dont think that I can send her a message now, because we dont talk aymore, the last thing she said me was to ask somenthing for class after months of no contact.

All my friends agree that the relationship that I had wasnt a real friendship.

I know that we cant expect others to act like us, but it really hurt that after everything, it feel like nothings matter in the ends.

Thank a lot, for taking your time answering :white_heart::dove:


Hello there,

I am so heckin’ proud of you for being so positive in the midst of everything going on right now. I am so proud of you. People aren’t always the kindest, but we can be examples of kindness towards them…especially when they don’t deserve it. Take it one day at a time. Take some deep breaths. Get some sunshine on your skin. You got this!!!

-StarFox :yellow_heart:


Hey there @Maisnow,

Thank you for reaching out here with the update. I’m glad to hear that you are feeling better this week, and I’m wishing you all the best on your continued journey towards recovery. You are amazing, valued, and cared for, and we’ll always be here for you if want to chat about anything.

<3 Tuna


Hey Maisnow,

I am sorry you are going through this. But I am glad to see that you are having a good week. It seems you know that you still have quite the journey ahead of you on your path to better emotional and mental health, but you see to be making a great start. You have all my best wishes and support along the way.

You got this, friend :hrtlovefist:


It’s okay when it still hurts from time to time. It’s natural and I know it’s not very nice, but keep taking time to focus on yourself. We are so proud of you and will be here to support yo when you start feeling a bit


hey maisnow,

thank you for sharing this update on how things are progressing for you and how you’re coping with this situation. while the hurt and pain of this rough falling out persists, the growth you’re experiencing is the most powerful way to combat it. i know it’s taken a lot to get to this point and i’m proud of you for the energy, work, and perseverance you’ve put into yourself. it sounds like you’re willing to continue this progress and keep pushing forward through the hurt and pain which is so awesome. please know i’m rooting for you and hope a better tomorrow awaits you in the near future. the time you have to yourself sounds like the key to finding peace, calmness, maybe even personal closure. wishing you all the best as you continue on in this healing journey. you got this, maisnow!



Hi Maisnow,

I’m really happy that you had the best week of 2022. What was it that made it the best?


Hey Maisnow

I’m really sorry about everything that happened with her, I hope eventually you’ll be able to find new friends. I’m glad this week is a good one for you, I hope you continue to have more weeks like that. :blue_heart: