Still struggle my friendship that rnded

It been at least two weeks or even longer since my friend message. I told that I have romantic feelings for her. She told me that she need space for a few days, saying she message me back when she ready to talk. I told her to take her time.

My family, friends, and therapist have told me to give her space. If she doesn’t text me back, they said let her go and move on.

This been a really a big struggle for me. Parts of me are really anger, hurt and saddened. I think about suicide a lot, it make me feel that women just use me, never she me as someone they value. ( She did tell that she care about me, that she want me to get better). I think about posting on Instagram a picture of me and her. Saying that she is reason why I’m going to kill myself. So that I can get back at her for hurting me. Or text her saying that I’m going kill mysekf because of her. And that she is reason why I will never talk to women again.

I’m trying my very best every single day not to get to that point. But the pain is so much, I can’t help to feel anger towards her. I just want us to be friends or at least be chill with each. It get too much at time.

Is it foolish to believe that she care about as a friend. Cause sometime I do let these toxic incel ideas affect my brain and blind with rage.


I know it’s hard, especially when it feels like they’ve left you. I know it feels hopeless. Having your mind constantly settle with the idea that she abandoned you, and that multiple people have.

Those feelings are valid, but you shouldn’t let them take over you.

I understand how hard you’re trying, and you should be proud of yourself for coming this far. I know how those feelings of suicide can affect you when you’re having a problem like that. Those feelings don’t mix well with the ones you’re having right now.

My small, but possibly helpful piece of advice: Find an outlet. Something you can do to channel those inner thoughts and feelings, and release them healthily. Or just let it out. Scream into a pillow, cry until you’ve created your own ocean. Express those feelings that have been affecting your brain.

I went and read through this myself. I know it’s not a lot, but I hope I can be of some help here.

You can always ask if you need someone to chat, or just someone to vent to. I’ll be here.


Hi my friend,
i can understand how you feel. It is very hard and the pain you are experiencing can lead to
things you might regret later.
But you have come to a good point, you told her and give her space already.
Talk about your feelings and let them out, like you do here. Too much of toughts are overwhelming.

For this, you should be proud of, you reached out and talked about it. Now it is not up to you.
It will come to place when it is right. Don’t expect too much and take little steps.
I also had to learn that, i have met a girl a long time ago, and i really liked her. When i opened up
to her, she first rejected me, said she needs time to think about it.
It is hard to manage your feelings, when you have feelings towards her.
Don’t let anger lead you. Be understanding and give it time.
You are doing and we are always here for you, we care.
Reach out anytime if there is something on your mind, have a nice day and feel hugged,

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