Strengths Flame - Personal Poem

Strengths Flame - What is it about?
The poem speaks about the resilience and strengths of those fighting their own individual battles. It portrays how individuals persevere through crap times of adversity, fuelled by inner strength and unity with others. Despite setbacks and hardships, they refuse to give up, standing tall and spreading hope and love to overcome obstacles together.


In life’s tough game, we carry the weight,

Choosing small gains, our happiness can wait.

Fueled by anger, we brace for the fight,

Through darkest nights, we’ll seek the light.

In shadows, strength we find to press on,

Every setback ignites our determination’s song.

Tears may fall, but we won’t be swayed,

Resilience endures, through every fray.

With unity, we’ll soar beyond the strife,

Spreading hope and love in this life.

Through it all, we’ll stand firm and tall,

Forging a path, for one and all.

I hope you enjoy this 🩷 first of many poems I’ll write! If you have any suggestions for things I should write about lmk!

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I enjoyed it, thank you for sharing your work. It reminded me of a leaf in the wind in a way. Regarding the poem, a word that came to mind was “confident.”

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