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Okay so, im a junior atm. My gpa is 2.34. I feel really upset and ashamed of this. It isnt entirely my fault. My mental health has set me back lots in school and I cant get help till college. Also online school is so hard… one of the colleges i am considering & want to go to you need to have a 3.4 gpa. Can I fix this ? : ( I am going back to public school next year. I am capable of getting A’s & B’s. My gpa is not because im stupid. I just feel really sad about this atm. Edit: if I took an extra college class/ did summer classes is this goal reachable of getting to a 3.4?

I have a low GPA too. There is a way to bring it up. You can go to community college and do your basics and use that GPA.

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Hey @cs15

It can be so difficult not to be hard on ourselves when we don’t meet our expectations or perform at the level we are used to. However, you are dealing with a lot and are trying to go about business as usual with school in the middle of a pandemic. That is no easy task! Online school is vastly different than in person so I think it is completely understandable to be experiencing some struggles with that.

An important thing to remember is you are extremely capable and willing to put in the work! That takes a lot of drive and dedication which is why I believe that it is possible for you to bring your gpa up. However, an even more important thing to remember is your gpa is not a reflection of you.

Regarding taking an extra college class/summer classes I would see if you could talk to your guidance counselor and see if that would be something that would be a good fit. I’m not sure what percentage certain assignments make up part of your grade and whatnot so maybe they would be able to give you helpful feedback regarding that choice?

Hold Fast,
Hannah Rhodes

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Hi friend, thank you for sharing this here. First, I want to say that you are not GPA. NO number can measure your worth, your intelligence, your skills. That being said I feel the frustration and I know that there is so much pressure to achieve a certain number or GPA, so that you can reach the next level.

My first encouragement is that we are living in unprecedented times and because of that potential colleges will and should give you grace. It makes sense that you would be struggling with online school and finding it difficult to navigate schooling and mental health during this time where so much has changed.

I definitely recommend chatting with a guidance counselor and also making sure you are supported as you navigate your mental health. Sending love to you friend. You are loved and important.

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