Stress and Rest

I’ve had a stressful, exhausting 3 months, physically and mentally. Now I finally get a short break, is it ok to sleep for a long time. I’m thinking 12+ hrs. But also I feel guilty if I sleep or rest too much and might blame this break for something going wrong later

I’m sorry these last 3 months have been so taxing on your physical and mental health. Having enough rest is very important and I hope you get enough of it.

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Hi @tingles,

When you’re exhausted, it’s important to get some rest. So please, don’t make yourself guilty for that. You have the right to use this break in order to rest and regain some energy. It’s hard to tell if 12hrs is too much or not because it will depends on your own needs and habits. But if you feel like you need it, then try to trust yourself and your body signals. You’ll see quickly if this amount of hours suits you or not. :wink:

Take care. :heart:

Thank you, i appreciate it <3