Stressed out today

I have a lot of school work to do and things to catch up on. I also have an essay due this week which takes me a while to do. I’m not bad at them, it just takes a lot of brain power and my ADD.makes it hard to focus. I know it’ll bring my grade up in English but then I have other classes that need my attention too before the week ends.

And I hate piano class because I make slow progress. I do play the piece well after practicing but when the teacher has to come over and see my progress, it’s like all my hardwork goes down the drain. I blank out and forget the next note because of anxiety. Tried to practice the next page but kept making mistakes becuase I was too upset.

I’m focusing so much on my future and my grades right now. I already feel burnt out. I also have to keep up with my workout routine if I want to see physical progress as well. But then again that will eat away at all the time I have to do homework.

I feel frustrated and disappointed. Because I don’t know how other people keep up with this stuff. I can’t adapt to everything being so fast paced. It’s so hard. Can’t imagine what being an adult is like


Amaris, I totally understand this!! I currently am working my butt off for schoolwork. Will you get a winter break? Unless it’s summer time for you, then a summer break? : P Hopefully you can get a good break.

When I have a lot of things to do, I make a list. It feels great to be able to cross things out, and then you won’t forget what you need to do because you have a list. I know lists can seem overwhelming when your brain power is low, but try thinking of it this way instead- you won’t have to use the extra power to remember what you need to do!

I think most people worry about future and grades. I still am, and I am about to be done with school in May with my master’s degree! It’s really scary, but I like to think that every day I am growing into a stronger person, so I will be able to handle the future when it comes. I know people like to say to stop worrying about the future, but it is so hard to do! Changing your view of the future and yourself may be easier. In my case it has been!

As for the piano class, I totally understand this!! I played the clarinet, and we would have to do scales and auditions for our teacher. I also badly messed them up! And it wasn’t because I was bad or not practicing on my own, but I get testing/performance anxiety! It even happened when we had a new band director who I adored >.< The only reason I was okay for the clarinet teacher who came over band camp was because he taught me how to play in the first place and he was nice/young.
My suggestion for you is this: could you talk to your teacher about how you get anxious and mess up when they come over? You could perhaps suggest them stand a little further away and listen rather than right next to you?

You’ll be able to finish this week and the rest of this semester! You are stronger than you think! Just fall back on healthy coping skills and take breaks while doing your work! Apparently there is even a name for this method, but if you study for say an hour, take a 15 min break. And if that is too much time, do 45 min and a 10 min break; whatever works best for you. That will help you not feel as worn out of brain power (hopefully!!)


Hi Amaris
I can relate to this a lot. Yes it can so so challanging to work out, study and do other things like meet with friends or have a part time job at the same time. Especially if you are suffering from a mental illness. I am afraid that you will have to cut something out for a time so you can do the other things more effectively. At least when I try to do everything even tho I dont have the energy it usually leads to burnout. Although maybe you are different than me so this does not have to be the case for you. :slightly_smiling_face: I wish you a lot of strenght.

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Hey @Amaris I drew a picture of Cyclops from X-men for you to encourage you during your moments of frustration. I’m sorry you’re not seeing the progress you want, but I would encourage you to be patient in the things you care about. Try to see the value in the learning process! You’re loved.


Thank you, you’re an amazing artist <3

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