Stressing out about driving

So, I got my drivers permit recently and it’s stressing me out, I want to drive but whenever I think about driving I start to have a anxiety attack. I don’t know how to explain this to anyone, and my parents keep asking my if I want to go driving with them and even though I do I feel as though I can’t. It doesn’t help that my parents keep saying stuff like “guess you’ll never drive because whenever we bring it up you don’t want to drive” and it’s making me fell like even more of a disappointment. Not to mention that they didn’t pressure my sister into driving nearly as much, I just don’t know what to do, I’m really stressing out.


Hey @Luca,
It’s okay to feel anxiety about driving. It’s very new to you right now. If you do really want to drive just take baby steps. Drive in an empty parking lot to start off. Just drive until you feel your anxiety lessen. Eventually, you will get less nervous and become to feel more comfortable in the front seat. I know how stressful it was to even think about driving when I first got my permit. I was really nervous back when I got my permit. There’s a lot of responsibility involved in driving.
If you’re not ready to drive right now that is okay.



This is something new you are experiencing and it is completely fine with how you are feeling. For myself I was scared to death of driving around the time I got my learners. I waited almost a year before getting it done, and slowly worked at getting over the fear. It is something you have to work at over time and you will improve and become a great responsible driver when you feel the time is right!

Know we are here for you and will always support in any way we can!

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