I hate my life, Every day is a stuggle. Anxiety, Depression & Schizophrenia, They are just getting to be too much for me to handle. I am constantly in fear of what others think about me.

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Hello @Sinister_k9,
First of all, you can post on here whenever you want, ok? End of the world or not. We’ll be here for you.
I know how it feels to be wondering about what others think of me. It’s you whos opinion matters. Not that person, not this person, you. If they don’t like you, who the hell should care. Their fault, and there’s nothing wrong with you, never will be. Everyone has flaws, and that’s okay.
You were put on this earth to create heaven, and things won’t always be like this. You can move past it. I believe in you. You’re a fighter, even when you’re tired. No one and nothing will change that. Hold your head up and smile, because what hurt you makes you strong. Those people have no right to judge pain/struggles they haven’t endured. Live to see the person you will become. :slight_smile:

Counting Stars - Aelonia (a song about losing reality and feeling alone)

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Hey @Sinister_k9, I’m very sorry you’re dealing with so much right now and hope that you’re receiving/working towards receiving some sort of treatment for your Schizophrenia, as I imagine that can be enough on its own to trigger heavy loads of anxiety and depression. But you do NOT need to burden yourself with what others think about you, because they are NOT you and don’t possess the strength that you have to be able to juggle so many struggles all at once!

You’re not alone here, you are loved and we wish you all the best. Hold fast!