Struggling to get clean

I’ve recently started self-harming again an now since i haven’t been able to get clean i get up to 12 hours clean then i relapsed again. i know the addiction is getting worse again since i don’t even feel vaild for my Sh unless it’s really deep. im now back to trying to recover


Relapses are tough @Horselover200246, but it’s really inspiring to see that you don’t let it discourage you. Trying, and to keep trying, is all that matters. Because each time you try you keep providing opportunities for healing. That is worth to be celebrated and encouraged as much as possible.

Have you thought about giving a try to #ReWrite workbook? It might be a good time for you to look at it, and eventually be supported while going through it. If you feel like it could help, our Action Groups on Discord could be of help for you (cf: HeartSupport Action Groups & Support Wall Action Teams). No obligation of course! Just know there are ways to be supported in this battle. You don’t have to lead it alone. :hrtlegolove:

I’m proud of you. Keep trying. Every minute, hour, moment without hurting yourself is a victory.


I might join the groups once i’m aloud back on discord since i got mine locked for a couple weeks


Sounds great. :hrtlegolove: If you feel like it could help, then it’s good to consider it. You’ll be welcomed only with tons of love and encouragement.

I hope your day is going well so far. You got this, friend. :hrtlegolove:


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