Struggling to stay positive

Hey guys, I’ve been having a hard time staying afloat it seems, No motivation, heads foggy, daily panic attacks and crippling depression and just overall hatred for myself.

Normally I’m super positive and upbeat. My friends are honestly an amazing support circle in my life and have helped alot through the shit im going through right now. But fuck man the last 6 months for me have been absolute hell.

I went from an amazing job paying damn near 65k a year to being unemployed.(I start a new job in June)
I’ve gotten dicked over by 3 companies in the last 6 months and it’s all just taking a toll on me.
Theres that planning a wedding and just overall nothing going right currently shit just sucks.
I let myself go health wise as well and I have no motivation to even get myself out of bed and do normal household stuff let alone leave the house to work out.

I know things will get better but it’s just tough staying positive currently. I’ve been kinda isolating myself because i don’t wanna bring negativity to anyone elses lives right now.

My question is how do you guys stay positive through bullshit you know will pass?

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Staying positive can be incredibly hard but it is do able. Try waking up early enough and watch the sun rise. It helps me out sometimes. I also self medicate through out the day. Don’t know if you can do that or not. But watching the sunrise just makes me feel good inside I dunno how to explain it. Keep your head up bud, it will work out


Thanks my man, I’ve been drinking beer throughout the day but i gotta be careful i have expensive taste so im trying not to blow through my supply

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Hey @styg666, I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling with a lot of these feelings. I too am going through similar things (not a wedding lol) but definitely letting myself go healthwise and struggles with motivation to do the most basic things. We need to be careful, because idle hands do the “devil’s work”.

One thing I do is set time limits for myself; I will literally set an alarm for when I should start doing something else, like getting up and doing the dishes, getting out and going to the gym, go on a run, go walk, start cooking something, anything else. I also always have music on doing these things, something I love that’s motivational or even some really nostalgic music brightens my mood; last night I went crazy in the kitchen making dinner while listening to some old blink-182! I’ve also been starting with new hobbies, such as learning bass guitar or playing around with starting a Twitch channel.

This past Sunday I wrote down a few goals for myself just for the week and gave myself a due date for each one, for example Goal 1: Update my resume (Due by Wednesday), etc.

It’s awesome that you have such an amazing support system with your friends, but I completely understand not wanting to add “negativity” into anyone else’s lives; this can be a dangerous way of thinking and a lie we tell ourselves, because those who truly care about us want us to open up about the negative things going on in our lives and to help us through them. I would encourage you to continue reaching out to them. Also, if the option is available to you I would recommend seeking professional help through a counselor or maybe some kind of support group; in my experience, it is very helpful to be able to talk to a group of strangers who feel similar feelings and it’s a great way to get fresh perspectives on your current mindset.

Just know at the end of the day that your life is worth it, and things may seem bad now but they are not forever. Wish you well man, hold fast.

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I know it not easy when life sucks, but I do feel that music help alot, whatever it motivate you or you relate to the feeling and it just fun to listen too. There plenty of bands or artist to listen too! Also go on youtube to check Alan Watts videos, he words are awesome!



Everyone here gave great advice! Hehe. Do what you need to do to get better. At the end, you are doing it for yourself. I hope you are doing okay. Thank you for sharing. Take care.

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