Struggling with Bipolar hypomanic episode

Today I just realized that Im in the middle of a hypomanic episode. I cant stop my mind from racing, once I start talking I almost cant stop myself from going on and on, I cant pay attention on anything for more than a minute, and Im so anxious that i cant really sit still. It just so happens that i have a huge test on saturday that I need to study for badly! So you can see why this is a big problem for me right now on top of the usual dangers of being on an upswing in the bipolar cycle.

I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 about eight years ago and one of my major issues in controlling my disorder is that Im extremely bad at identifying my mood states until Im right in the middle of them. I see a psychiatrist for medication management but in my time being on my meds, ive never stopped cycling, i just tend to not go as high or low as i would off meds.

Sooooo, anyone got any advice??


hey @JoatheKatz,
i hear you and i see you . You are well loved!

  • When it comes to this when your constantly stressing or worrying about a test thats coming up , yeah something like this would happen . Have you done any studying for this test? If you have maybe take breaks from this, dont over work yourself … I bet you will do fine on this.

As you had stated that You have bipolar 1 ( which i did an APA paper on ) , you have started you’ve had highs/lows , this is to be expected when your dealing with something like this ( you probably know this already). Maybe medications have helped?
I’m not exactly sure what else to say but I am hear to listen .
Hold fast you’re worth it !

  • Ashley
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I have gotten studying done but not nearly as much as i need to do. I actually ended up pushing the date back because i was anxious and knew i wasnt gonna be able to do well.

And yea, I do take meds prescribed by a doctor for my bipolar. They definitely do help. Generally i just don’t go quite as high or as low as I would off my meds. Like, I haven’t been in a truly manic state in about 7 years because of my meds.


@JoatheKatz I don’t have any advice since I haven’t experienced this myself but I thank you for being willing to reach out and share with us. We are here for you :hrtlegolove: I hope that your test and studying went well. You’re pushing yourself and you’re learning (idk what subject it is but learning is always cool) and that’s awesome! Mental health is a hard thing to navigate and takes time to learn and manage. I’m sure that you have made more progress than you realize in the last 8 years since being diagnosed, even if you aren’t yet where you’d like to be in identifying your mood states.

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