Struggling with purpose in life with career and relationships

  1. Identify a personal goal that you would like to reach. What are the changes you want to create in your life?
    Example: “I want to take action in recovering from my alcohol addiction.”; “I want to create a healthy sleep routine.”

My goal is to find purpose and meaning in my career and relationship.

The changes I want to create in my life are having a plan when I feel I am losing purpose at work and in my relationship, to be free of anger and mood swings.

  1. Formulate your goal in a way that is specific and measurable. What does it look like when you’ve succeeded?
    Example: “I will reach my goal when I will hit 6 full months of sobriety”, “I want to be able to sleep 7hrs/week for at least 4 nights/week”.

I will reach my goal when I feel like I have purpose in my relationship and job at least 5 days/week.

It will look like I have not missed a day of work due feeling I have no purpose, and my relationship will be better and have a feeling of purpose and meaning. I will also attend therapy on a regular basis.

  1. When do you want it to be done by? Make sure to define a healthy and realistic time line.
    Example: “In eight months, by 12/18/23.”

I want it to be done in 6 months, by 11/3/23.


greg - first off, love the name. Second - love the heart-centered goals…FEELING purpose at work, and being free of the internal struggles within your relationship. Brilliant.

Really clear about what you said - “not missing a day of work due to feeling lack of purpose” ← imagine how amazing life will be when that is real! Gosh - so huge. Feeling charged up to go into work. That’s something worth working towards.

What’s going on at work right now?

And on the flip side - what really gets you fired up about life? Where in your life right now (or even in your past) have you felt passionate and purposeful?

Lastly, also love the idea of using therapy to aid in the relational improvements. I’ve done individual and couples therapy for my marriage, and it’s helped me tremendously. I’m a “Stuffer”, so I bottle it all up until I volcano my anger, and it had been unhealthy. Learning to grow through that edge helped in leaps and bounds. Definitely approve of that medium for relational growth :+1:

Thanks so much for writing in here, Greg. Love your courage.


What’s going on at work right now?

I have felt like I have not been doing good work, and feel like I can be doing more than what I am currently doing and lost interest and purpose doing a job that I used to love. Everything had been going fine for months and then suddenly everything came crashing down and dragging me with it. And that has lead to me feeling lost and triggered a downward spiral until I could not handle the self doubt and loss of purpose, I did not communicate with work or the people that care for me, which lead to me taking off work to work on my mental health. And now I find it hard to return because I feel I let my team, and my family down.

And on the flip side - what really gets you fired up about life? Where in your life right now (or even in your past) have you felt passionate and purposeful?

It’s hard to say right now what really fires me up about life, it used to be working out and spending time with family and people I care about, making good memories.

I would say the last time I felt passionate about something, was when I started my new career, I was eager to learn and believed in myself and my skills. I felt that was my purpose, actually working in a position I loved and didn’t dread getting up for work in the morning.

I would say my biggest struggle would be my anger, it tends to be explosive and sudden, usually over something that most would not consider to be a big deal, and I have the tendency to destory things around me. Which I realize is not healthy and tends to hurt people I care about. I have spent my whole life trying to control it, it has gotten better with age, and therapy but something I have to continuously work on.

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