Stuck again and close to losing my job most likely 😞

So got a bike a couple weeks ago it was running when I fixed the gas tank and unclogged the lines ran for about a week and then I broke down a couple days ago and it’s not running since then and it’s just I work every single day and when I get home I start working on fixing it I’ve tried about verything on fixing it too and it still won’t run and financially my family is not doing good right now I have a child to take care of everyone keeps taking money from me I haven’t ate in a couple days and I haven’t slept in a week and I’m just at the point where I feel like it would be better if I left this world :disappointed:

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I’m sorry I am just now responding. I didn’t feel like I had the words to say but I have been thinking of you since I read your post. I’m sorry things are so hard. Sorry for the pain you are facing. I know it’s not much but three weeks ago I was in such a dark place and today I have some peace for once and even hope. I don’t know what my future looks like and things are hard but I keep showing up and doing hard things and for once I feel like I am capable of getting through this darkness despite not knowing alot. Please don’t stop fighting. Your family needs you. You need you. Things can turn around even if it’s hard to see it. It’s possible to feel the light again to allow yourself to be a light to others. I am sorry your heart is heavy. I really am. I know I’m just one small person but I care about you and I hope you can keep reaching out. Keep taking it moment by moment. Hold on and know you are enough and worthy that things can get better.

Plus I’m so tired and I have no time to myself whenever I do go to do something then my gf/baby mama just abuses the shit out of me :disappointed:

I am so so sorry all that is happening. Hope you can find a way to set boundaries and take care of yourself. You don’t deserve to be treated that way at all. You deserve respect. Hope you can find a way to put you first you deserve it.

And now she’s talking about cheating on me while I’m working to pay her part of the bills and rent

Im sorry that really sucks. Is there any way you could not pay her bills or get to a place of setting boundaries with her or even take a break from her. Doesn’t sound like she is being fair to you or someone that has your back at all.