Stuck in life

About a month ago I quit my job. I was working at a warehouse and I would get these weird moments where I felt like i just needed to cry. I would rush to the bathroom and cry and feel like I couldn’t get my breathing under control. It went on like this for a while before I talked with someone who specialize in mental health problems. She had told my mom that I shouldn’t be working and that I didn’t need to be living alone. So I quit my job and moved back in with my mom. I was suppose to go do in patient treatment but never did. I have been looking for a job, because I feel as though I’m being lazy for not working for not being a adult and taking care of myself. Most nights I just sit and cry to myself and I don’t know what to do. I just feel stuck, no job, depending on everyone else, my family tells me that they don’t mind it and glad that I’m with them but it’s hard to just feel helpless.


Being told you shouldn’t be working seems a bit irresponsible on the therapist’s part, but perhaps your mom didn’t fully understand what the therapist was saying. It may be true that you shouldn’t work until you’ve had some help dealing with your issues, but the fact that you were working is pretty good evidence that you can work when your mental health problems are managed.

Getting yourself stabilized is the first priority. If you started another job, your problems would be magnified, as you would be dealing with the same problems as on your previous job, but you’d be adding the stress of having to get used to a new job.

There’s nothing lazy about taking the time needed to get better. The process of getting better will include no longer feeling helpless. Taking initiative to do helpful things around the house can help you feel less helpless.

Now that you’re not working, maybe an inpatient stay can work out for you.

Thanks for coming around and talking to us. I know it’s not easy to reach out with the kind of feelings you are experiencing. Please check back in and let us know how you’re doing.

Hi @Lillian25

This is why it was suggested that you not live alone. There could be a reason like depression or anxiety that you’re experiencing, it’s not you being lazy. They want you to talk to someone and figure that out, so you can get proper treatment.

Are you still able to do the inpatient treatment? I really think that is your answer to all of this. I’m sorry that you’re feeling so stuck.

@Lillian25 Hi Friend, Good to meet you. I would like to ask you if this is your first time you have had a problems with mental health? the reason I ask is because what you have explained took me back to when I first started experiencing depression and anxiety, its something I havent really thought about for a long time. I am pleased that you are seeing a mental health worker as hopefully it wont just be about treating the problem but finding out what is causing these moments of upset and anxiety that can come out of the blue.
Im sorry that you are living with this right now, its very hard to comprehend how you can feel that sad or but one thing I would like to tell you is that as far as being around or dependent on others right now, thats ok!! if you think about it, you are unwell right now! if you had broken your leg you would be dependant on others right? so there is no difference, your family love you, you are unwell and they are helping you to feel better and they dont mind so please accept their help with the love that it is given with and use it to help yourself to feel well. You are not helpless, you are loved, worthy and strong. you just need a little help and you have it, at home and here. Much Love LIsa. :heart:

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