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Stuck with depression and I’m not sure how to feel


So today I was meeting with one of my buddies and during the movie which wasn’t his cup of tea, he goes I have a headache I have to leave. We talked for a minute outside the theatre and he said that he didn’t feel like he was missing anything even though it was a movie he wanted to see and him who wanted to hang out. Meanwhile I confided in a friend about some explicit stuff and I’m not sure how she’s taking it. To top it all off I saw this girl st the mall who looked just like my emotionally and mentally abusive ex. This reminded me of a time when we were fooling around on the beach and as we were doing things, she kept saying she wasn’t comfortable with them. I’m 100% ok with this as I always respect a woman’s wishes and what she wants, but it just reminded me that I probably suck at forplay and what not. I guess I’m just stuck with my depression always being there 24/7 cause that seems to never leave.


Sometime depression came of of nowhere, and its not fun bring a friend to a movie and they did not like it. I think going to movie by youself is kinda better, movie are not social situation. So maybe next time go bowling or laser tag. Its seem your friend just had a heartache so it not your bad. Its also a bummer to remind of Ex parnter that did not go over well. Its good thing you did not take advanage of her. Just remeber depression is a Chemical and sometime it come up. Also if cool with try CBD oil, it not get you high, it migh relax you. I never smoke anything in my life and I feel it help me a lot.