Suicide: Inspirational Video

Watch this this is awesome I want to cry because I know it feels to wanna kill yourself I’m a survivor a fighter I will fight this battle still i WIN


Wow this is one of the most powerful things I’ve watched in a while. I actually got teary-eyed at the end. Thanks for sharing @Jaceofspade!

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Np this really touched my heart “your not alone there many that battle the same though the same pain the same struggles” I though of HS a lot of us deal with mental health we struggle but we struggle but we have HS to be there for us

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Thanks for sharing that video, @Jaceofspade ! I think it’s good to have these kinds of inspirations on the wall, but one thing I would do is change the title of your post. At first glance it seemed that you were posting a video about a suicide, and we don’t want to give that impression.

BUT I’m glad you are sharing some good videos!

@Hamsamurai I agree. I went ahead and changed the title for @Jaceofspade to more accurately reflect the content of the video!

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